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Monday, September 29

Some new ART - Moos and ATC's

I like to finish a swap before I sign up. Takes off the pressure!! LOL Anywho, these are for my Yahoo Groups.

ATC #1 is done using the packing tape transfer method, algorithm sheets and an old time card.

ATC #2 is also a packing tape transfer, an old rose catalog and interference copper pearl ex.

Moos are to be Monochromatic in theme. Pink and black are two of my 3 fave colors (The 3rd being lime green, just FYI), so I chose them. I used paint chips for a varied, but still monochromatic look.

All images are www.paperimagerydesigns.com Check out my previous blog post for info on their phenomenal sale!!

Most of the text can be found on my free PDF file located above and to the right on this blog, on Scribd.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them!! :::smiles::: Shelly


Diann said...

You have certainly taken to the packaging tape transfer without a hitch....love these! You make MOOs look too easy and I am so uncomfortable doing these...great ART, Shelly!

Angie Halll Haviland said...

Already told you the ATCs are WONDERFUL!!....just had to come take a look at your Moos!! They are SUPER!!!!!