"...at its core....art is simply the language of the soul" -Robert Redford

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Sunday, November 21

New Christmas ART to share....

I have been working on finishing up some Christmas ART for our home and for some swaps. I have 2 that I can share today.

I have wanted to make these glittered cones for awhile now. Since we've moved to this house I now have a fireplace mantle on which to display them! I think I need to get an intermediate sized silver one yet, but it's still early, right?  All I did was brush a water/glue mixture on the cones and liberally coat them with Martha's glitter. One piece of advice....don't be impatient and try to do the whole cone at one.....yeah, let's just says fingerprint marks with no glitter left behind....not pretty! Ugh!  I found that by doing the bottoms and about  3-4 inches up the base of the cone worked best. I inverted them into plastic drinking glasses to dry. Now you have a firm base to hold while you glitter and glue the tops! :)

The second project was for a make 2 ornies swap. I have been struggling with this one....just wanted something not traditional and not paper. Hmmmm....so when I was rummaging through the Christmas ART supplies box I discovered a few mini lunch boxes I bought on Christmas Clearance. They had this ugly scene from some movie on them......yuck. So, I had to rid myself of the awful graphics and blue paint. I colored them with a Krylon gold and silver leaf pens. I glued some Christmas images to the fronts and backs. Sprinkled on a glittery border and let dry. I added a paper strip and a rick rack embellishment to the outside edges. I glued coordinating sequins to the front and added a sparkly hanger. Now, don't you think they look much more appealing?  :::Smiles::: I do!

Sunday, November 14

Living the Disney Dream.....

....gotta love this Florida Resident Premium Annual Pass concept. I LOVE just bopping over to Disney for the day (or even just a few hours). This is my D-R-E-A-M and I'm living it. How cool is that?  Anywho.....I digress. Today we planned to go to Downtown Disney for the Festival of the Masters. Oooh La La....Disney and an ART show? Now how cool is that?  Here are a few of my faves:

Friday, November 12

New Repurposed ART....

.....on my ARTful Salvage Blog. I have made 12 more plate flowers for tomorrow's ART show. :)

Yippee!!  It's the first show for ARTful Salvage in Florida! I am ready to get back to sharing my ART!

You can check them out at ARTful Salvage's Blog.

I'll have more to share after the show and in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!