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Sunday, September 14

Fab's Christmas Card Challenge

My new friend, Fabrizio has an ongoing Christmas Card Challenge. You are to create ONE card on the 25th of each month OR you could take the uber challenge and begin with one card in February, then 2 in March and...... Well, I have just met Fab but decided to "Jump into the deep end of the Pool" with sharing 8 cards. Thanks Fab for getting me back to my Christmas cards!! I do need to get going! :::Smiles::: You can read about Fab's challenge here:


The cards feature my LOVE of Iris Folding and my fave SU set "Solemn Stillness". Enjoy!!
Oh, btw.....there are only 101 days until Christmas!! Just saying.......Shelly


Fabrizio said...

Yum ! Gorgeous cards, they're going to make the August Gallery very festive (this coming 24th). Thank you for playing the Christmas Challenge. TFS X Fab

Vague said...

Wow, I really love what you do here! I'll certainly be back on a regular basis to see what you create in the future. :)


MistiRose said...

Wow Shell! Your talent just never ceases to amaze me. It's all over the place! You need more than an etsy shop dahling! ;)


Dragonlady said...

I love your cards Shelly especially the IF snowman, he is "Cool", pun intended..lol

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty cards Shelly....the tile one and the pink one are my favorites!!! You've had fun playing with paper!!!
Penny Duncan

Anonymous said...

Love all your work, but was really knocked out by the iris fold cards. Most of the iris folding I've seen has been kind of formal, but I just love the whimsey in yours. Great job!


Phree said...

Wow, some beautiful Christmas cards here. Great blog!