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Friday, September 5

ART Words PDF File

I was needing a bunch of words to finish up a ton of ART projects I had signed up for. I assumed I wasn't alone!! :::smiles::: So, I made a PDF file of them. Please feel free to use them in your ART. The file can be found over on the right column of this blog. It has been posted to Scribd and can be found here:
:::smiles::: Shelly


Dragonlady said...

Thank you Shelly, I have saved it to my pc and sure I can use them....
Brenda....pid member

Mandy C said...

thanx for the words.... i couldnt use the link to download but used the large pic... do you have the halloween sayings anywhere else? :-D thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Shelly! These are very useful, and I appreciate your work AND enjoy your art and musings here and on the PID boards.