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Tuesday, September 9

Fireproof - New Must See Movie

This movie is from the same wonderful people who brought us "Facing the Giants". It is called "Fireproof". I just viewed the trailer and it looks amazing!! This link will be at the bottom of my blog as well as here. Please, check it out and make time to see it. If you have NOT (GASP - holding my hand to my head in a near faint) watched "Facing the Giants) yet....STOP immediately what you are doing and go get it. You will NOT be sorry. It is a life-changing movie. I never get tired of watching it. I absolutely cannot wait until Fireproof hits the theaters. These movies are made by members of a church. They are everyday folks like us, but their message is clear. Hope you are inspired to check it out!! :::Smiles::: Shelly


ridge765 said...

My hubby and I went to one of the pre-screenings of this movie. It's totally amazing. My husband really liked it; I think it was all the firefighter action in it. Go figure, a movie about marriage that a GUY liked, and we really needed to see it together. We got a copy of some of the stuff you can get to help you work on your own marriage--like the Kirk Cameron guy uses this "Love Dare book" to get better at loving his wife...you can actually buy that book! How cool is that? It's so good to be able to work on this stuff in the privacy of your own home. I found that stuff online at www.fireproofoutreach.com. I hope that it helps our marriage get stronger, cuz we sure need it. (Like everyone else, huh?)

MistiRose said...

This isn't one of those movies where the firefighter dies in the end, right? You'll have to watch it first. Ladder 49 had me sitting in my chair at the movies bawling my eyes out. I no longer go to firefighter movies without a friend screening them first. (Notice how serious I get when we talk about firefighters, fires, and sacrifice.) ::Shudder:: You let me know how it goes, then I'll watch. ~Misti