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Tuesday, September 16

The envelope please.....

I was sitting here today scanning MANY pages and needed something to work on between scans. I decided since I'm doing so many swaps and mingles these days I should have a supply of envies ready to go. So, back to my roots....making envelopes. It has always been one of my fave ARTistic outlets. These are simple wallpaper ones, but it was still satisfying to do. I've made over 50 today while sitting here. I thought I would share a few of my faves with you!! The larger envies are for 1/2 sheet cards and the smaller envies are for 1/4 sheet cards
:::Smiles::: Shelly


Fabrizio said...

Wow Shelly, it's non stop with you ! Gorgeousness all round ! LOL Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations. X Fab

Diann said...

Oh, Shelly, I love them and yes, they do remind me of when we started out. My very favorites are the pink flowers in the pot and the basket and frying pan one!
I am pulling out books to make a few myself! Thanks for the memories! Diann

Debbie House said...

Ok, Ms Shelly I decided to give your blog Id a shot at the various ones available.. But to the comment.. I just love your idea of the wallpaper envies... how smart you are!!! They are beautiful.. Ok, live journal gave me options of Live Journal, Wordpress, Typepad and AIM,, hum none of those I have, I will try Name and url.. I think that will put my name next to your comments.. Yup, this will work,,, yeah no anonymous for me... I am on a roll... Thanks Debbie House

Debbie House said...

Well I was on a roll.. got error message. I meant to say that the OPEN ID gave me those options... Debbie

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Huckleberry Arts said...

Beautiful envelopes!! Great idea I use to do this with the wallpaper books that where full of samples would grab them from the stores when they wanted to throw the books out........Those books are also great fun for the kids too

Have a beautiful day