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Wednesday, November 26

Present for Grandma....

.....I gathered up some ginormous Georgia Pine Cones and packaged them up in this gorgeous yard sale basket I found. I added in some greens, berries and sparklies and tied on a raffia bow. I wrapped it all up in some cellophane, tied with with big red bows and added a homemade tag. Voila!! A touch of Christmas sent to Illinois from Georgia!! Hope she likes it!! :::Smiles:::

Her Royal Majesty Princess Pookie totally believing that the manger is her new Palace!!

The always helping Miss Smudgey helping me wrap the pinecone basket for mailing!! "This is my paper, -k-"

Saturday, November 22

Lookee what John recycled for us....

.....we have had this gorgeous wooden tripod for years. It belonged to an Uncle of John's Grandfather. He was a photographer for the National Geographic and this is his camera tripod that he carried with him all over the world. We've always enjoyed having it but had no real use for it. John has been needing a lamp by his chair in the family room for reading. We bought this gorgeous star lamp shade, still in the plastic, ($40 value for $2) at a yard sale. Do you see where this is going?? So, TA-DA.....he went to Home Depot and bought a $10 light kit, added in our $2 lamp shade and for $12 we now have a gorgeous and functional lamp and a way to enjoy a family heirloom. How cool is that?? :::Smiles:::

Tuesday, November 18

Christmas Tag Swap

I have this wonderful group of gals that have been my online friends for over 13 years. We've been wrapped together through our ART and our families and our lives. We try to have a tag or ornie swap each year year at Christmas. Here is my contribution for this year!! :::Smiles:::

Monday, November 17

More Christmas Creations....

....have been added to my shops. I have completed a matchbox Advent Calendar and another Christmas Stitchery!! I am having so much fun creating these ART treasures to share.

Up first is a framed stitchery, measuring 8 x 10. I really like this one. It has a felt appliqued little country church and the Christmas Star, heralding the birth of Jesus. It features the words of "Silent Night". It can also be purchased from either of my shops here:
or here:

This is my first Advent Calendar created from Matchboxes. I did enjoy the process (not sure what to do 1500+ matches now!!) :::Smiles::: This was created using co-ordinating Christmas Papers. The insides are sprayed metallic silver. The boxes have a green satin ribbon hanging loop and these gorgeous copper spiral hooks. They hang from a hand crocheted 5 fiber garland. It is for sale in both my shops and can be found here:
or here:

I have another stitchery nearly finished but must get a mat and frame.....will share soon!! In the meantime....check out that Countdown Calendar.....it's coming at the speed of sound!!

Ho Ho Ho!!

Friday, November 14

Another JAM

I received back another JAM from the PID (http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/) yahoo group. The theme was "All White". My contributions were the backgrounds and the finishing touches!! Just sharing!!

The background was made using a Versamark Stamp Pad, a background script stamp and interference gold Pearl Ex.

Thursday, November 13

Have you got your Jingle on???

That is the question I was asked by my friend Diann, http://diannsartspot.blogspot.com/.
I'm to pass this HO HO HO and question on to 3 of my blogging friends . They are to answer the question on their blogs, post the HO HO HO and then pass it on to 3 of their blogging friends. "Have you got your Jingle on?" Well, again, we travel in the same circles, so I won't be passing this along but I will answer the question, happily!! Why yes I do have my Jingle on and it looks rather fetching if I do so so myself!!

I've been working on Christmas goodies for my shops and for gifts. I've also been working on my goodies for two 12 days of Christmas swaps I am in!! Hmmmm.....Guess I can't show those just yet, but I can share a couple of peek pics!! Diann and Angie....this is your warning.....if you want to be TOTALLY surprised......don't look now!! It's not the presents but the packagings!! LOL

Here is one completed gift pouch. I made them by ironing freezer paper to snowmen napkins. The pouch is the pull treat pattern from www.splitcoastampers.com. You don't untie it to open it, you just pull on the bow and it "magically" brings out your treat!! Pretty cool!! They are embellished with blue candy canes I found (who knew??), satin ribbon, and these nifty linking metallic sequiney snowflakes that were actually a linked garland. I thought they made cool tags!! My gifties are #9 in this exchange. Anywho.....here they are. I'm happy with them.

Here are the envies I am mailing them out in. I detest the ugly manila, but knew I needed to protect them from the evil clutches of the Post Office. So, I figured I could at least jazz them up with some stamps!! Enjoy!! :::Smiles:::

I've been tagged.....

.....and I'm a little slow in replying.....can't believe it's been this long since I've posted. Sorry gang.....it will be better.....I have tons to share. I've been making and selling goodies in my stores!! Hooray!! Anywho......
My friend Angie, http://angiehallhaviland.typepad.com, was kind enough to nominate me. I'm to tag 7 more players and then list 7 facts about myself.......so....

1. I am a Survivor Junkie......I think I've missed 2 total episodes ever. It's sacred here......I don't take phone calls, nothing!!
2. I believe no day is complete without a coke zero and a really good piece of chocolate......current obsession: 1 piece of milk and 1 piece of dark Dove promises, eaten at the same time
3. I am beyond thrilled to be living my first ever NON cold winter in Southern Georgia, after 45 years freezing in Illinois
4. I have always been a dog person (and still love dogs, especially my Chow/Black Lab Cody), but about a year ago was adopted by a gorgeous gray and white kitty named Pookie (along with 2 of her sisters, Jinx and Smudgey). WHO knew I could love a kitten?? She is the light of my life!!
5. I LOVE the night sky, especially the full moon (insert werewolf jokes here). I could and have been known to sit outside for hours staring at the stars, especially during a meteor shower.
6. I am equally drawn to the sea, well any water truly. My Zodiac sign is the crab and I am one through and through (again feel free to laugh amongst yourselves). I could swim and/or walk the beach every day of my life. My dream has always been to have my own pool. At least here we stand a chance, weather wise. DH offered to get me a shovel!! He's so funny!! NOT
7. I may die from lack of good Italian food in Georgia. Folks, there is NO pizza here or Italian Beef for that matter. Well, one local place that is barely edible. People here think it is "awesome". :::Sigh::: If only they knew what they were missing. I'm a Chicago style pizza girl.....you know.....about 4 inches think, cheese on the bottom, sauce on the top, solid layer of sausage.....give my my Gino's East!! They will actually ship them here, but for 2 pizzas it was $70 dollars....hmmmmm.....maybe I don't miss it THAT much!! LOL
OK.....I don't know 7 people, that Angie doesn't know too, to tag so I guess you're just getting my answers.....

Monday, November 3

Merry Christmas......it's COMING

Just saying......it's coming at the speed of sound and there's NO WHERE to hide!! :::Smiles::: I've added a Christmas countdown so we can keep track, over on the right!! 51 days!! Yikes!! I'm feverishly working on goodies for my 2 stores. Today's offerings are one more Advent Calendar swag and 2 framed stitcheries.

The advent calendar showcases Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet in shades of red, green, blue and white. I LOVE how the tulle netting really jazzes them up!! I also think the crocheted fibers are a nice touch. Anywho.....just sharing. This swag can be found here: http://www.shellyraewood.etsy.com/ or http://shellyraewood.shophandmade.com

I also have added 2 framed stitchery pieces today. I LOVE handwork, especially embroidery. The first one features a peaceful cabin, nestle among the pines with the Christmas Star shining overhead. It also has an alphabet sampler, much like a young lady would have added in earlier days. It is framed in a flat black and measures 8 x 10.

The second stitchery showcases a green hand-stitched feather tree. The tree is embellished with vintage buttons from Aunt Rita's stash. It wishes you a Merry Christmas in country red and green. They can also be found in my Etsy shop!! Hope you enjoyed them!!

Sunday, November 2

New Advent Calendar Christmas Swag - Tinkerbell

Well, I finished up another one!! Yippee!! I LOVE this one. The 7 crocheted fibers are gorgeous together and the 5 colors (pink, blue, yellow, green and white) of tulle netting are so flirty and sparkly.

Tinkerbell can be found alongside my other advent calendars in my Etsy shop here:

As always, custom orders of nearly anything I make are available!! :::Smiles::: Enjoy!! Shelly