"...at its core....art is simply the language of the soul" -Robert Redford

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Tuesday, February 24

The Studio is clean....

.....who knew?? I wasn't sure if I'd win the battle, but I have emerged victorious. I am blessed to have a wonderful guy who loves me AND my stuff. He doesn't mind the occasional glitter in his hair and beads on the floor. He would, prefer they stay in the studio.....yeah, like that'll be happening!! :) So, he let's me, ummmm, hoard? toys without too much grief. I had pared down tremendously when we moved across the country a year ago. Well, I've been making up for lost time baby!! I have rec'd several wonderful boxes from friends, jam packed with goodies for the studio and have of course picked up some good resale finds, sale ourchases and of course necessities over the last year. Then 2 weeks ago I ran into the mother of all yard sales. It is staggering the amount of goodies I bought. I spent $60 dollars and got over $600 worth easy. Here are a couple of pics of my "haul"!! LOL

So, on top of my smaller than before studio, missing all of my upper cabinets, I had all these wonderful new toys to find homes for. So, what's a girl to do?? Empty everything and start over. Yep......does this make you shudder? I emptied EVERY drawer, shelf, container and the CLOSET :::insert horror film scream here::: and redid them. It was a HUGE job but I am soooo happy with the results. I still need to get this yummy wire shelving unit I found and several more plastic storage bins but that will have to wait a couple of weeks. For now, one half of the closet is just stacked containers and boxes (which is no good if you need something from the bottom). I threw out 3 huge bags of trash......I know I know.....deep breaths. I have one huge box of goodies to send to some ART friends back home.
I was inspired by some other ART bloggers who vowed to not buy new supplies for 2009, period. Okay, well, while I share their enthusiasm, I will not set myself up for failure. I am going to limit severely any new items I buy. I know for a fact that I can't go a whole year without buying adhesives and probably some paper. Beyond that, I imagine I can come close. Anyone willing to play along?? Several gals in one of my ART groups are trying. I figure if times get desperate, we can all band together and ship a box of "new" toys to an ARTist friend in need and receive one in return!!
Anywho, here is the clean studio. I do miss my ART words. In my studio in Illinois I had all of my fave ART quotes all around the ceiling. Hopefully now that it is clean, DH will take pity on me and put some back up. They won't all fit, but some is better than none!!

Sunday, February 22

Are you living your dream??

After 44 years, I sure am getting closer to my dreams than I have ever been. My friend, Susan, http://drawerfullofdreams.blogspot.com/ , posted some fun info on her blog. It is a site called "Find your spot". That is exactly what it does......it is a quiz you take and after all of your answers are tabulated, it gives you a list of the top 24 places for your to live. You can then visit the spots, look for jobs, view homes for sale, read reports......and much more. It was amazingly accurate for me. While it didn't pick the town I live in now, (which would NOT be my dream choice, btw) it did pick 2 within 50 miles and also 2 of my top dream destinations of Bradenton, FL and Savannah, GA. How cool is that?? You really should give it a try......after all.....the clock is ticking on your dreams!! The quiz can be found here: http://www.findyourspot.com .
Here is what my dream looks like:
Here are MY top 24!!
Deland, FL
Biloxi-Gulfport, MI
Bradenton, FL
Savannah, GA
Fairhope, AL
Dothan, AL
Daytona Beach, FL
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL
St. Mary's, GA
Mobile, AL
Galveston, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
St. Petersburg, FL
Pensacola, FL
Beaumont, TX
Port Arthur, TX
Gulf Shores, AL
Orange Beach, AL
Tallahassee, FL
Fort Pierce, FL
Rockport, TX
Myrtle Beach, SC
Brunswick, GA
Hattiesburg, MS
So, where will your dream destination be??
If you take the quiz, come back and let me know if it was accurate for you.
:::smiles::: Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 18

Mardi Gra Masks

I am currently involved in a Mardi Gras Mask Mingle in one of my ART groups. The first mask pictured is my creation that will be heading out to it's new home on Friday. This is something I had not really ever created before. It was fun.

I took a black pre-formed mask. It was outlines with vintage gold sequins and antique gold and antique silver ART glitters. I added an enormous amount of brightly colored poufy feathers to the mask. For the stick handle I spray painted a piece of dowel rod black. When it was dry, I tacked a piece of curling ribbon to the top and then twirled it down the stick, securing it again at the bottom. I then added another layer with "aluminum" spray paint. When dry, I removed the ribbon. It was further embellished with long strands of iridescent Christmas Tree icicles and 2 coordinating shades of curling ribbon.

I love how it turned out. This was definitely a unique mingle!!

This is the mask I rec'd from Diann. Thanks go out to her!! It is lovely!! It looks smashing sitting there on the piano, don't you think??

You can check out her art on her blog here: http://diannsartspot.blogspot.com/

Sunday, February 15

Mosaic Table Recycled Project

Here's the table I bought from a garage sale for $2. It was missing the glass top and was a drab brown color. Wonder husband cut a new wood top for me and I painted it my fave color, black. I saw these great tile mixes at Home Depot that were the perfect colors for our house. However they were $10 each and I needed between 10-15. Not happening. So, I bought 5 ceramic floor tiles that were the same colors (good luck finding a sold black, non marble floor tile, btw). I spent an afternoon with a hammer whacking the little buggers up. Good therapy for me.....not sure the neighbors agree!! Then I just did a random pattern using all 5 tiles. I finished it up with gray grout. I'm pretty happy with it! :::smiles::: Total cost for the project was around $25. Now when we sit on the front porch in the black rocking chairs we have a table for the phone, a good book and a glass of sweet tea!! Want to come visit??

Saturday, February 14

14 days of Valentine's - Days 12-14

Oh how sad....the fun has come to an end!! But what a delightful journy it has been!! Here are the last 3 wonderful gifities I have rec'd!!

Day 12 is from Christy. This cute little heart has an added facet.....it has a mirror on the back. How clever is that??

Day 13 is from Barbara and is an amazing fabric wall hanging!! Wow!! Love it......can't wait to decorate my studio!!

and finally Day 14 is from my dear Friend Angie!! What a cool combo....felted heart on a crocheted background. Awesome pin!! Thanks Ang!!

Special thanks to Jeri for bringing us all together for this Valentine's ART journey!! Now, what gift will I get to open tomorrow ??? :::grin:::

Thursday, February 12

One World, One Heart Bracelet Winner

This has been such an amazing experience!! I had over 250 visits to my blog. That is tremendous!!

I am happy to announce that the winner of my bracelet is Charlene Hormann from Kansas!!

You can check out here blog here: http://thehormanns.blogspot.com/

Congrats Charlene!! I hope you enjoy wearing your new bracelet. :::smiles:::

Wednesday, February 11

14 days of Valentines - Day 11

I was blown away by today's gift as well! It is a gorgeous "Steampunk" clay heart pendant from Connie. Wow......I cannot wait to wear this one!! Too much fun!! Thanks Connie!!

Tuesday, February 10

14 Days of Valentine's - Catching up - Days 6-10

Behind, behind......I'm behind. First we got busy with family visiting from Illinois on their way to Georgia. Then the cable went away.....far away. I was mortified. Amazing, really, just how much I missed it!! LOL I just sort of wandered around.......confused!! :)

Anywho.....here are the next 5 gifites I have rec'd......prepared to be blown away, truly!!

Day 6 is from Gwynn and it is the most amazing necklace......I was totally thrilled to have received it!! Thanks Gwynn!! She also used an Altoid tin for the container......the packaging was nearly as great as the gift!!

Day 7 is from Gloria!! Don't' you just LOVE her wrapping paper!! I surely do!! Inside was a great heart calendar with a mirror on the back. How fun!! Thanks!!

Day 8 brought this amazing collection of hearts on a string from Gail!! They are too cool. I cant' decided if I want to display them or wear them!! Maybe both.......so many different techniques. I adore the embossed copper!! Wow!!

Day number 9 brought this lovely calendar from my friend Diann!! It's gorgeous AND practical!! Thanks Diann. It shall be heading into my bag!!

The giftie for Day 10 arrived from Cris and it is a lovely smelling soap!! I have placed it in the studio!!