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Thursday, September 4

Painted Backgrounds ala Credit Cards??

Painted Backgrounds ala Credit Cards. That was this week's challenge for PID. Take one old credit card, squeeze on 3 colors of paint and scrape (paint) all over your background paper. Sounds easy as pie, right?? NOT!!
I was totally unhappy with my first 2 pages. I was using water color paper (6 x 9), Folk Art Metallic Acrylic Paints and an old phone card. After I finished ummm, 'painting' I thought my sheets were destined for the trash. Anyone need to line a bird cage?? They looked horrible. DH said I should cut them up anyway into ATC size. I thought I should just cut them up....you know....with the paper shredder!! :::smiles:::
But I gave it a whirl and AMAZINGLY they look much better now. The full sheet looked awful but the smaller size did wonders. Here is one ATC background from each of the 6 sheets I painted. I now have 24 Backgrounds to use. Credit card painting.....who knew?? Shelly

"Seeing is Believing" is my ATC for the challenge using Elizabeth from PID. She is playing a starring role as Queen of the Fairies, hiding amongst the mushrooms.


Anonymous said...

GREAT looking papers Shelly!!! They look super and the ATC you made is adorable!!!!

Mandy C said...

i love this technique and use it so much ... its so random