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Friday, September 26

Holy Cow.....want a great ARTsy deal??

My friends Lori and Melissa over at PID (www.paperimagerydesigns.com) are having a phenomenal sale (either that or they have just gone bonkers??) :::smiles::: If you like my ART that I share here, a great deal of my images come from them. No, I'm not a member of the design team. I wish!! How fun would that be?? I'm just sharing because I have Lori's permission and I know how great their images are.....ok, so Lori and Melissa are pretty nice too!! LOL I wanted my ART friends to get some goodies at a great price too!!

So, here's the dealy......head over to PID and check out their goodies. For every collage sheet that you place in your cart you get to pick TWO FREE!! Yeppers.....Buy one Get two!! Now, you can get them in matte 24 lb. paper or on cardstock. They sell for $4 each. So, let's do the math here.....that comes out to $1.33 per sheet. Now you can't beat that can you?? To qualify for the sale you put 1 sheet in your cart and then the names and numbers of your 2 free sheets in the comments section of your order. Do that for each $4 sheet that you order. For example, if you order 10 sheets at $4 each, for a total of $40, you get to put 20 FREE sheets in the comment section. Got it?? Cool!!

I LOVE to make packing tape transfers with their images.....something I can't do with my ink jet printed images. The dress banner project that follows this post was done using that method and their images. Heck, browse through my posts and you will see many images I have used. Right now they have some awesome Halloween images. The sale is on now and runs through October 3rd.

Well, what are you waiting for....head on over and grab your share of the goodies!! Can't say I didn't warn you!! :::Smiles::: Shelly

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