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Wednesday, October 1

Envelope Making Tutorial

So you already KNOW I LOVE to make envies. Some of my friends have asked for a tutorial on how I make them. So, ask and you shall receive!! :::Smiles::: It is posted here, but will also be available over on the right hand side of this blog on Scribd. Enjoy!! Any questions....holler!!


Diann said...

That is a sure way to make envies to fit any size card you make - and we have certainly made miles of them - great tutorial! Diann

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Looks great Shelly!! Ahhhhh back to our roots lol I wonder how many envelopes we've made over the years ??? LOL

Dragonlady said...

Great tutorial and thank for sharing it with us..I saved it so I can try it, I have never tried making them before..