"...at its core....art is simply the language of the soul" -Robert Redford

Thanks for stopping by. Please enjoy your stay here. Have some Sweet Tea, grab a chair and sit a spell. Rekindle your SOUL, Embrace the ART and Believe your DREAMS. Stay as long as you like and come back soon. Friends are always welcome here.

Thursday, February 18

Inspiration Mingle....

....on one of my Yahoo groups, we have a monthly Inspiration Mingle. We are given a pic to use for our "Inspiration".....anything goes. I LOVED this month's offering. Here is the pic:
Couldn't you just eat a couple dozen of those puppies?? I could!! LOL
I chose to make a Hanglie Danglie. I had a package of really jazzy red holorgraphic chipboard hearts I bought in the Valentine's day aisle. While I LOVED Their sparkle.....they weren't going to work for this mingle. ....see what I mean?
I decided on 4 coordinating papers and went to work. I knew I wanted a "Crazy Quilt" look for my pieces. I layered on the 4 papers with some new and old trims and buttons. I had Hubs drill some vertical holes in my scrabble tiles. I grabbed some 28 gauge copper wire and some more beads and made the danglie and attached it to the heart with a brad. My inspiration for this danglie came from the button fairies we have been making lately!!

After adding the ribbon hanger it still needed "Something".....so I grabbed one of my very fave stamps and added the 'heartfelt'. I am very happy with the results!! :) Oh, the back is similar to the front in papers and trims sans the button.....didn't take a pic of that!! Anywho....enjoy!!

Monday, February 15

One World One Heart Winners....


...have been drawn. Congrats to all the winners. I can't wait to get to know so many new friends I met on the Gypsy Caravan. :)

Winner #1 of my ART Journal is: http://redopalart.blogspot.com/

Winner #2 of my DREAM Banner is: http://trashtotreasureart.blogspot.com/

Winner #3 of my Starry Night necklace is: http://mrsmoen.blogspot.com/

I hope you enjoy your goodies!! They will go postal this week!!

Sunday, February 14

OWOH - The Magic Carpet Ride.....

Winners have been drawn and will be notified on the 15th!! Thank you all for stopping by and to Lisa for bringing us all together again!!

Photo Welcome aboard the Gypsy Caravan. I am so happy you stopped by. Isn't it lovely to be here? It's a beautiful day....the sun is shining....there is a gentle breeze.....the birds are singing ....and we are all together. What more could we desire?? Look around you...there are friends, sharing not only their ART, but their very souls.

My fave ART quote from Master da Vinci says:

Where the SPIRIT does not work with the HAND....there is no ART...

Isn't that true for you as well? My ART comes from within......I treasure the gift I was given and thank God every day for the ARTful journey he is allowing me to take. So, what are you waiting for?? The Magic Carpet stand is right over there?? See it?? Go, choose your carpet and climb aboard......the magical journey has begun. Yes, you might get lucky and win a prize or two....but that my friends is merely the icing on your cake. I think Lisa said it best:

"This is more than wanting to win something.......that is only the means.......in the end it's about finding kindred spirits."
Ready.......let's fly........

I sat on my front porch, in my favorite rocking chair, under the shadow of my mighty oaks.....daydreaming of my contribution to OWOH this year. As I let my mind wander with thoughts of far away lands, magic carpets and treasure to be found......I kept coming back to the same themes, over and over. I saw "DREAMS" and "BEADS" and "ART Journal." So, I turned my ART muse loose and this is what she created.......

This altered composition book is the perfect place to record your secret Dreams, your Magic ARTistic travels, your ART to try ideas.....whatever makes you smile when you put ink to paper.

Now, no self-respecting ARTist is going to go off flying around the world on her Magic Carpet without some bling!! Here is a bead crochet necklace spilling over with all the colors of the Heavens, with stars and moons to be your guide.

And finally, a D-R-E-A-M banner to inspire your ART in your studio or maybe your dreams hanging above your bed. Wherever it hangs, let it serve to remind you to follow your heart and let your dreams take flight.....

I am so thrilled you chose to share this journey with me. Please leave a comment on this post to play along and be entered to win one of these three ART offerings from the Heart. Please make sure to leave your email address or blog contact information. You have until February 14th to enter......winners will be drawn on the 15th!! Good Luck!!

Thank you for stopping by.....see you on Caravan.....I'll be the one wearing the pink sparkly crown.

Friday, February 12

Been doings some beading....

I have been having fun playing with my beads. I'm making some goodies for a donation to my Aunt's Church for the Sunday School Kids Mother's Day store. I've also been making some pieces for sale.

Here are 7 of the Book Thongs (which we renamed Bible Buddies for the kids LOL). Hard to get a good scan of them......but you get the idea!! You may need to click the pics to enjoy their details!!

Theses are 3 new necklaces and a pair of earrings that will be for sale. I am sharing different views of each piece so hopefully you can see them well.
First up is a gemstone chips and moon and sun beads necklace. I think it would be great to wear with a nice pair of jeans!!

This set is made from brown and green glass beads, silver squares and vintage beaded dangles.

My personal fave. This necklace is just gorgeous in person. It is made from a mix of gorgeous, faceted, AB finish crystal beads. It has a nice weight to it and has such sparkle.

Just sharing a few of my latest creations. Off to eat some Pizza, watch the Opening Ceremonies and do some more beading!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, February 6

Crazed woman goes shopping.....

.....or L@@KIE what followed me home today. I had such a great day today. My guys and I went shopping. I found treasures at Harbor Freight, Michael's, Borders, Joann's, World Market and Krispy Kreme :) In addition to 2 movies on DVD: Fool's Gold and Twister, I snagged a gorgeous blingy pair of black flip flops, a dough scraper and some Valentine Tootsie Rolls at Target. I found some needed colors of stained glass for mosaics at the glass store too. We also had lunch at my fave quick place: Panera. Yummy!!

Boy, when I fall off the "buying supplies and toys" wagon, honey I fall off hard. I was even surprised at everything I bought today when I got home and surveyed the damage!! LOL Fortunately, you know me.....NOTHING was full price and most were great bargains.
So, anyone want to ride the crazy train with me as I share about my day!!
Here are my ARTsy goodies....PLEASE click the pics to get a better look!! :)
my very fave purchase of the day......my flying pig!! :::Giggle:::

Hopefully these will help in the studio......each square is 2' square

Ok, not an ART supply, but how cool is this??

All the following books were $1.99 each :::hee hee hee:::

These 2 were from the Glass Store

All these are from Borders OK, I lied....this was my half price with coupon book for $7.....oops

Pookie likes this one!! :)

Now on to the paper stacks.....
Is this gorgeous or what??

I regretted not buying this one the first time I saw it.....I got the last one!! :)
Pookie says it is good!!

Another droolingly luscious stack

I have a thing for winged hearts.....so HAD to have this set

pink and shiny....enough said

This is bigger than it looks, probably 10 inches square

Just some basics

My very fave black paper on the planet

Borders has all their calendars for $4.....this is a dream for me.....beading projects per day!!

LOVE Sugar & Cream yarn. Have a couple of projects in mind.

Stamp sets for $3.99 from Tuesday Mornings

Just goodies

Mini 3 inch calendars to ART on

Some new jewelry beginnings for me...... 99 cents each

Jewelry findings originally from Walmart @ Tues. Morn. for 99 cents!!

So, that was MY day. I am such a lucky ducky today.
Gotta love that guy of mine!! :::Smiles:::
Now, where am I gonna put all this stuff!! LOL