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Monday, September 29

Some new ART - Moos and ATC's

I like to finish a swap before I sign up. Takes off the pressure!! LOL Anywho, these are for my Yahoo Groups.

ATC #1 is done using the packing tape transfer method, algorithm sheets and an old time card.

ATC #2 is also a packing tape transfer, an old rose catalog and interference copper pearl ex.

Moos are to be Monochromatic in theme. Pink and black are two of my 3 fave colors (The 3rd being lime green, just FYI), so I chose them. I used paint chips for a varied, but still monochromatic look.

All images are www.paperimagerydesigns.com Check out my previous blog post for info on their phenomenal sale!!

Most of the text can be found on my free PDF file located above and to the right on this blog, on Scribd.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them!! :::smiles::: Shelly

Friday, September 26

Holy Cow.....want a great ARTsy deal??

My friends Lori and Melissa over at PID (www.paperimagerydesigns.com) are having a phenomenal sale (either that or they have just gone bonkers??) :::smiles::: If you like my ART that I share here, a great deal of my images come from them. No, I'm not a member of the design team. I wish!! How fun would that be?? I'm just sharing because I have Lori's permission and I know how great their images are.....ok, so Lori and Melissa are pretty nice too!! LOL I wanted my ART friends to get some goodies at a great price too!!

So, here's the dealy......head over to PID and check out their goodies. For every collage sheet that you place in your cart you get to pick TWO FREE!! Yeppers.....Buy one Get two!! Now, you can get them in matte 24 lb. paper or on cardstock. They sell for $4 each. So, let's do the math here.....that comes out to $1.33 per sheet. Now you can't beat that can you?? To qualify for the sale you put 1 sheet in your cart and then the names and numbers of your 2 free sheets in the comments section of your order. Do that for each $4 sheet that you order. For example, if you order 10 sheets at $4 each, for a total of $40, you get to put 20 FREE sheets in the comment section. Got it?? Cool!!

I LOVE to make packing tape transfers with their images.....something I can't do with my ink jet printed images. The dress banner project that follows this post was done using that method and their images. Heck, browse through my posts and you will see many images I have used. Right now they have some awesome Halloween images. The sale is on now and runs through October 3rd.

Well, what are you waiting for....head on over and grab your share of the goodies!! Can't say I didn't warn you!! :::Smiles::: Shelly

Dress Garland

The whole banner

Close-up of the fibers

One of the latest challenges over at PID (http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/) was to use a dress pattern 5 times to make a banner or garland. This was very girly and outside the box for me. I do, however, really like how it turned out. I did overlapping packing tape transfers on the front of my dresses.First I picked up cut out Molly which I then placed onto a vintagedictionary. I also did tapes of just the dictionary pages. Into thewater, rub off the papers. I put down the Molly tapes in the center.The other I split in half and used one on each side and burnished them down. Everything is embellished in gold leafing pen and gold glittery rick rack at the hem. It spells out D-R-E-A-M when it is strung. The butterfly wings, which are my fave part, are printed on vellum. For the stringing I crocheted 3 homespun yarns and 3 eyelash fibers together. To attach the dress I used loop brads and more fibers. Each dress is approximately 4 x 5 inches. I was going to mingle it out, but I'm thinking it's destined for my Etsy shop instead. Shelly

Shelly's Shells :)

We have made 2 trips to the cape in the last 2 months and really enjoy picking up seashells. We have been trying to decide how to display them. DH decided that specimen jars were the way to go. We have begun acquiring glass containers. If we keep this up....we made need bigger containers.
All the guys that didn't fit in the specimen jars

Fighting Conch



The tiny guys

Wednesday, September 24

Chandelier Upcycled....

....so we have this awful 1970's chandelier in the dining room. Not only is it ugly, but the shades are amber and we play Canasta here every other week. We couldn't see. Not good, baby.
I have no desire to waste my ART money on an uber expensive Light Fixture. So, DH removed it for me and off came the globes. Now, how to paint without getting black down where the light bulbs go?? Hmmm.....ta-da......5 empty toilet paper tubes, one in each socket and I can paint with no worries. So, 2 cans of flat black spray paint and some new but vintage looking seeded clear glass globes and we have a new light. Woo-Hoo!! Just sharing......Shelly



All Lit Up

Tuesday, September 23

pics from the cape....

...we had a great time at the cape. Just had to share these pics that we took. One is a jelly fish that was swimming by DH, John. Another is a Pelican who was posing for me, rather regally. The 3rd is a tiny crab that went running by......if you think he looks like he is on glitter, it's because I have enlarged the picture.....the "glitter" is really the grains of sand. His body (just the round part) is smaller than a dime. The last is of a butterfly that was enjoying the flowers at the condo!! Enjoy!! Shelly

Thursday, September 18

Waving goodbye....

....we are heading down to the condo and will return on Sunday night. We will be on the Gulf in the panhandle of Florida. It is so nice there!! Later Gators!! I'll leave you with some pics I took last time we were there!! :::smiles::: Shelly

Packing Tape Transfers....

....one of my fave techniques. It was presented as the Thursday Technique over at the PID Yahoo Group. Their tutorial can be found here:

I made one transfer that I added to an ATC titles "Wish". The other transfer I used on a mini composition book, "Treasure," that I bought at Dollar Tree (4/$1). They measure 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". To make this transfer I cut out the little girl and picked her up on the tape. I added her to an old dictionary page with the word "treasure".
If you've never tried it, you will enjoy it. Just remember the images can NOT be printed from an ink jet printer. Enjoy!! :::Shelly:::

Wednesday, September 17

Who says candy is only sweet on the inside??

I LOVE glamming things up. One of my fave quick gifts is an embellished candy bar. I need to send some RAK's out to a few lucky recipients. Here are two I created.

First up is my recently posted twochie, Witchling Sisters. I combined pink scrapbook paper, my fave Stardust pen, some brads and my fave fiskars border punch, sunburst.

Second is Princess Nia (PID), ruling over her magical land of sunflowers. I used: sunflower wallpaper, mulberry paper, Gold Pearl Ex, Rick-Rack, my stardust pen and a tiny alphabet stamp set.

Hope this inspires you to go embellish something of your own today!! :::Smiles::: Shelly

Tuesday, September 16

The envelope please.....

I was sitting here today scanning MANY pages and needed something to work on between scans. I decided since I'm doing so many swaps and mingles these days I should have a supply of envies ready to go. So, back to my roots....making envelopes. It has always been one of my fave ARTistic outlets. These are simple wallpaper ones, but it was still satisfying to do. I've made over 50 today while sitting here. I thought I would share a few of my faves with you!! The larger envies are for 1/2 sheet cards and the smaller envies are for 1/4 sheet cards
:::Smiles::: Shelly

Monday, September 15

Witchling Sisters

When I saw that the theme for this week over at http://smallworldofinchies.blogspot.com/ was Sisters, I knew I had the perfect image to use. Both the background and Amber and Jenna are http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/ . Sadly the pink highlights on their hats and the border are lost in the scanning!! The brighter pink was just to try to help the scanning. :::Sigh::: Anywho, it is a twochie, highlighted with my fave gel pen Stardust and also a pink Souffle. The words are from my free Halloween sheet available on the right side of this blog!! Enjoy!! :::Smiles::: Shelly

Sunday, September 14

Fab's Christmas Card Challenge

My new friend, Fabrizio has an ongoing Christmas Card Challenge. You are to create ONE card on the 25th of each month OR you could take the uber challenge and begin with one card in February, then 2 in March and...... Well, I have just met Fab but decided to "Jump into the deep end of the Pool" with sharing 8 cards. Thanks Fab for getting me back to my Christmas cards!! I do need to get going! :::Smiles::: You can read about Fab's challenge here:


The cards feature my LOVE of Iris Folding and my fave SU set "Solemn Stillness". Enjoy!!
Oh, btw.....there are only 101 days until Christmas!! Just saying.......Shelly

More Halloween ATC"s

Guess the Spooky mood continues.... insert maniacal laugh here-->

I needed to make 2 more Halloween ATC for a swap over at PID. I actually really enjoyed them both. All images www.paperimagerydesigns.com Both ATC's are embellished with my fave gel pen "stardust" and my dynamo punch labeler. Hope it gets you in the Halloween mood!! Shelly

Friday, September 12

Some New ART

Just playing a bit....trying to finish up some swap items. Here are three new goodies I have made. One is an ATC going into a pocket card: "Forever." "October" is an ATC for a 5 card swap I am in, guess I'm in a Fall mood, also one going into the pocket card!! The 3rd pic is of the Pocket card and the fourth is the envie for it. (http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/ee/index.php/resources/tutorials/diagonal_double_pocket_card/)
Not much else new....worried about friends in Texas, directly in the path of Hurricane Ike. Geesh, scary stuff!! Today is housework, uhg!! Then hopefully play time this afternoon. I working on a chandelier upcycle project. Hopefully it will turn out and I can share it soon.
Later Taters!! Shelly