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Sunday, August 31

Shrink Plastic Ruler Tutorial

So, I bought some shrink plastic and decided to play. The ultimate goal is to make charms for a few jewelery projects I have in mind. Since I wanted fairly specific sizes of finished charms I knew I needed to make a shrinking ruler. I thought maybe someone would enjoy knowing how to make on for themselves.

Supplies: Shrink Plastic of your choice, Sharpie Marker, Ruler, 1/8" paper punch, corner rounder, parchment paper.

Cut one piece of shrink plastic 2 inches wide by the length of your sheet. Lay it on top of your ruler and mark off the measurements. I did mine in a/4 inch increments, but you can use as few or as many as you think you might want.

Place ruler on parchment paper, then onto baking sheets. Shrink according to manufacturer's directions. I baked mine at 300 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Remove from oven, cover with parchment paper and flatten while still warm with a potholder. Allow to cool.
Now you know how large to cut your shrink plastic to achieve your desired finished size. Lay your shrunken ruler on your real ruler. Find the desired finished size of the real ruler. For example I wanted 1 inch squares. Look on the shrink ruler and read the measurement. Mine was 2 1/2. This step tells you to cut your shrink plastic 2 1/2 inches square and the finished shrunken square will be 1 inch square. Easy Peasy.

Here are the before and after shots of my square charms. Before I baked them I used my corner rounder to soften the edges and my 1/8 inch punch to make a hole to add a jump ring.

Note: Shrink Plastic is NOT an exact science. Expect some discrepancies. Remember...it's ART. Also, if you have more than one type or brand of shrink plastic. Make and label a ruler for EACH one. All shrink plastic does not shrink the same!!
I will share the finished tiles when I get them embellished. Shelly

Friday, August 29

New toys have come to visit....

....DH took me on a shopping trip to Tallahassee yesterday. I found a few goodies I had to have!! My quest was for a 1 inch square punch and some Gold Glimmer Mist. Let the search begin!!

From Michaels I bought clear heart stamps, a wooden frame, a xyron refill and 3 bags of 1 inch wooden cubes. (No punch, no Glimmer) From Joann's I bought Black spray ink from Walnut Hollow and black rick rack. (again, No punch, no Glimmer) Then we went to Tuesday Morning....boy could I have spent tons of $$ there. They had tons of good scrapbooky stuff. I found an Instant Setter and a tin full of magnetic stamps from Making Memories and 2 sets of Fiskars texture plates. Too fun!! (yes, still no punch, no Glimmer) Aha.....light bulb moment. Let's try the scrapbook store. She says, "yes we carry those". Yippee!! She says, "sorry we're out of both"!! Argh....yes that's right....(No punch, no Glimmer). I did find 2 of the Fold It series templates (Swirls and Flips) and some much needed printable transparencies and shrink plastic. So, a good and fun day, although still left me searching.

I did the only thing a frustrated ARTist would do. Smiled sweetly at DH and ordered from http://www.addictedtorubberstamps.com/ Gotta love that company. Ordered at noon, they included 2 freebies and it shipped out this afternoon. If you've never bought from them before.....they are wonderful!! So, that's my news.....will share as I get time to play this weekend!! Later Gators!! Shelly

Thursday, August 28

More Haunted ATC's

Finished up two more ATC's this evening. The first is a witch clip art I've had hanging around. No source available....sorry. The second is Maxwell from PID, wearing his Maxcula persona on a PID background. I think he is a "hoot"!! Enjoy!! Shelly

Wednesday, August 27

Halloween ATC's

So, I rec'd some Halloween goodies from PID (www.paperimagerydesigns.com/) and decided to play today. I had so much fun I'm SURE there will be more coming!! While I was working I needed some specific text, which in turn led me to search for some Halloween quotes, which in turn led me to create a PDF of quotes. You can find it over on the right hand side of this blog. This is why my days seems to disappear me thinks. One thing leads to another and to another. All images (PID).
ATC #1 is the spectral vision of a girl haunting her lovers dreams.
ATC #2 features Amber and Jenna standing out front of their home. I Loved the quote.
ATC #3 ponders the question of this forlorn hostess, wondering where her guests could possibly be?? Yeah, party in the cellar.....I don't think so.
Enjoy!! Shelly

Tuesday, August 26


....my first two. They are for this week's PID Challenge. It was interesting and fun. Small is not my usual medium.....but I did enjoy making them. I like the "Inchie con Twochie." An inchie with a twochie.

Monday, August 25

Wordle Picture for my Grandma

I LOVE Wordles......I could sit there and play all day!! :::Smiles::: I needed a nifty gifty for my Gma's 85th Birthday on Thursday. So, I made her a Family Wordle. It has all the first names of our family for 4 generations. I think she will like it. I printed it out, framed and matted it and now it's on it's way to Illinois!! Shelly

Thursday, August 21

Christ on the Cross Iris Fold

Lately I have been doing mostly collagey work which I LOVE, but I am just as passionate about Iris Folding. My friend Sarah has wonderful Iris Fold patterns to share and to sell.

This pattern is one of hers. She asked for a sample to post on her website, so this is my interpretation. If you want to see more of my Iris Folding, check out my slideshow at the bottom of this blog and my Etsy store. http://www.shellyraewood.etsy.com/ Enjoy!! Shelly

One down...two to go - Kitty Bed

I've been wanting to make a crocheted kitty bed for awhile now. Finally found some directions that suited me: http://www.freepatterns.com/search.html?criteria=pet+bed&mode=list.

The first one is FAR from perfect, but it was a learning process. I think the girls will like them this winter when the family room gets cold.
Now I only have 2, maybe 3 more to go!! This one was done with yarn I had on hand from an afghan project that never materialized!! Yeah, I know.....but we have a new house now and a new color scheme!! :::smiles::: I'll probably end of making 3 new ones in better colors and with a bit better technique on my part.
It's a great travel project.....I take it in the car and to the beach. Once you get going, you don't even need the pattern, just your hook and 3 skeins of yarn. I discovered (imagine that) it's MUCH easier to work on AWAY from home!! I have 3 too many helpers here. Anywho, here's Miss Jinx checking it out. Shelly

Wednesday, August 20

Revamped Candle Holder

Found this treasure Saturday at an Estate sale. It was black and rusty and just tired looking. Most accents in our home lean towards copper (One of my faves). So, I bought a can of Hammered Copper Spray Paint and of course a new candle. So, for $15, I now have a gorgeous accent for my family room. I don't believe I'll be lighting it though, as you can see by the before pic. Miss Smudgey, one of our 3 girls, seems a bit too interested for it to have an open flame!! Me thinks decorative accent is the way to go!! :::smiles::: Shelly

Monday, August 18

Sharing a wonderful site and lady, Annette over at http://huckleberryarts.blogspot.com/. I ordered this grab bag special of digital collage sheets and let me tell you.....I was totally impressed. I may have to order more!! Anywho.....here's the dealy:

Okay here is the best Grab Bag offer!!Get an email full of collage sheets!! 10 sheets for $5!! And of course I will listen to anything you "Favor" to have. Just put in your paypal comments if you prefer something certain like my painted hang tags, vintage girls, embellishments, bottlecap sheets, business promotional sheets, etc or just state Surprise me! Have a beautiful day! and Grab you a grab bag! You can purchase more than 1, I have over 200 sheets available! Won't keep this offer up long! Annette

Here is a digital tag I created using Print Master. The clown and thank you tag images are from my digital collage sheets. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the wonderful images I received!! Enjoy!! Shelly


This week's challenge at the PID Yahoo group (www.paperimagerydesigns.com) is metal or metallic. I have always knew someday I'd find a place for my golden bird. I made a 6 x 7 collage using a Victorian Lady image from PID and a vintage roses and handwriting image from The Graphics Fairy (http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/). It was definitely a fun project!! Shelly

Earring Give-A-Way

My friend Diann (http://diannsartspot.blogspot.com/) is having a 3 day earring give-a-way on her blog. Check it out!! She makes lovely ART and gorgeous Jewelry!! Enjoy! Shelly

Earring Give-A-Way Starts Today!

For the next three days I'm having an Earring Give-A-Way right here in hopes to attract more interest in and traffic on my blog. I'm always interested in your thoughts and comments!
To win you only have to post a comment + email me after I have featured the Earrings of the Day! At some point each evening, I'll post a message saying the Give-A-Way is over for the day and that I will announce the winner shortly. I'll then put the names of each person that has emailed me and left a comment on my blog into a basket and pick a winner.

Sunday, August 17

inchies cubes

Here's a template I made for the PID inchies cubes swap. The template was drawn out by Angie and made printable by me!! Enjoy!! Shelly

New toys and some great finds....

....hubby and I hit an estate sale and Joanns today. I got over 70 sppols of ribbon for $2, great cloud wallpaper, gorgeous victorian wrapping papers with matching box, beautiful metal tree with oval frames and much more at the estate sale. At Joanns I bought 4 of the wonderful Yo Yo makers by clover and a few fat quarters. My friend Angie, (http://angiehallhaviland.typepad.com/angiesartfulllife/) introduced me to them. She's a bad influence and one of my fave friends!! :::smiles::: I shall hopefully have some finished yo yo's to share tomorrow!! Meanwhile here's what they look like. Enjoy!! Shelly

Wednesday, August 13

My friend Melissa over at PID has been having some serious Yahoo problems. Her problem is our solution. What solution is that you ask?? Our ongoing quest to win "The One Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins" challenge of course, silly.

Since YAHOO won't let me in STILL I have decided to have a sale…. This sale is 20% off ALL orders!!! Use coupon code yahoo

That makes your collage sheets ONLY $3.20
Lots of new sheets have been added Fairy Wands, Amber and Jenna, DaVinci Sketches, David, Madelin, Claire, Animal Prints, Victorian Women, Pretty Women Inchies.
Tim Holtz Stamps only $19.16 to $15.96
Stampington Stamps only $18.36, $14.36 or $11.40
Character Construction Stamps only $12.76


I would appreciate if you decide to add to your stash and feed your muse over at PID, tell them Shelly sent you!! I promise they'll take care of you !! :::Smiles:::

I plan to order some of these Masks by Tim Holtz. http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/shop/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=88

They are positionable vinyl that you lay down and then spray over the top of. Here is one of Tim's examples: http://timholtz.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/12/its-day-6---so.html

You can see what wonderful images they have by looking through much of the work I have posted lately. Anywho, just sharing......Later Gators!! Shelly

Tuesday, August 12

ATC House Mingle Challenge Recipe

ATC House Book Recipe
  • Take one house shaped ATC sized template.

  • Trace it 8 times.

  • Make 4 pages from glittery, striped cardstock.

  • Add in some PID images. Stir.

  • Fold in some punched & layered flowers.

  • When dry, top with paper hats & crowns.

  • Sprinkle with Stardust Gel Pen.

  • Before serving, punch 3 tiny holes along spine.

  • Insert 3 large jump rings.

  • Frost with 15 pieces of coordinating fibers.

  • Enjoy and Share with your friends.

Monday's ART on Tuesday

I had such a fun ART day yesterday. I took this week's PID Yahoo Group (http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/) challenge to make a Moo card. Some of you may be asking, "What the heck is a Moo Card?" They are tiny cards 1 1/8" x 2 3/4" in size. But what they lack in stature they make up for in pizazz. They originated with this printing company. (http://www.moo.com/products/minicards.php)

Now the ART world is also making their own mini Moo collages. So, never one to stand on the ARTistic shores......I jumped right it. No water wings, no swim fins, no goggles......just me and my ART Muse.

Here are my 3 versions: "So Sweet" with a yummy, royal baby in a cupcake, "A New Species" with Elizabeth as a flower in a cute, but yet children of the corn kinda look, and my personal fave "Muse" featuring the tiny ART fairy, taking a break, leaning on some paint brushes. It must be hard working flying around, inspiring ARTists all day!!

Monday, August 11

How "Fortunate" that I found this

Saw this awesome toy and thought I would share. Create your own fortune cookie!! :::smiles::: Now, how much fun can we have with these?? Also, I've added some new blogs and ART links to my lists. Check them out.....much eye candy and inspiration to be had!! Off to the studio. Shelly

Sunday, August 10

Sunday Sharing....

....of a new ATC that I made for the August ATC challenge over at the PID (http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/) Yahoo Group. The theme was using Tangerine, Aqua, Berry & Black! Yikes....not my normal color palette!! Anywho, here is my version. I think we've ALL had days where we feel like this!! :::smiles::: Shelly

Friday, August 8

Ars Gratia Artis...

....Art for art's sake. This is my fave ART to make. It just sort of evolved. I found the wonderful image from http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/. From there my love of the moon and the sky just sort of took over!! It is an approximately 9 x 6 collage!! Hope you enjoy her!! Shelly


Thanks Goodness It's Friday.....I'm excited about the Opening Ceremonies tonight. I like the thought of how many people across the world will be doing the same thing at the same time. If only we could do that more often!! :::smiles:::
Anywho, here are some new ART pieces to share. My hubby needed a 50th B'day card for one of his employees. I made this with paper piecing and paper cutting (the numbers). I actually really like how it turned out!!
The other piece is for the weekly challenge over at the PID yahoo group. (http://www.paperimagerydeisgns.com/) You were to use your fave PID image. Yeah right, like there's only one!! So, I chose to make a collaged ceramic tile I simply titled Beautiful. I think it fits her!! Enjoy your day and the Opening Ceremonies!! Shelly

Thursday, August 7

Sharing some ART...

I have a HUGE list of ART to get finished up by tonight.....such a strain really....FORCING myself to go into the studio to play!! But, somehow I shall overcome!! :::smiles::: Here are an 85th B'day card for my Gma who loves yellow roses and a card and an ATC version of "Kitten Family Style". The kitten image was for a challenge at the Lost Art Creations Yahoo Group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lost_art_creations/ Stay tuned....more to come as the day wears on......Lalter Taters!! Shelly Rae

Tuesday, August 5

Sharing a site....

....that I rec'd from a friend. It is called Wordle. Basically you enter words and it makes them into a picture. You can also give it your blog, for example, as I did here and it will use the word that it finds on your pages. The larger the word appears in the wordle, the more often it appears on your pages. :::smiles::: Enjoy!! Shelly

Sunday, August 3

The pics....

....from the Cape.

Home again, home again....

...what a wonderful weekend away!! Cape San Blas, FL was amazing. We spent 3 days, walking on the beach, collecting shells and just basically decompressing. DH had been crazy busy at work for awhile now and it was so good to see him relax and smile. Here's a couple of pics to share (I took over 200)!! Can't wait to go back!! :::Smiles:::

Friday, August 1

Waving goodbye....

....we are off to the beach for an Annviserary Getaway. Yep......23 years ago now. Wow...seems impossible. We are heading to Cape San Blas, FL (A barrier island off the coast of Port St. Joe, between Appalachicola and Mexico Beach). I cannot wait!! I can't believe that after all these years of trying (over 10) we finally live where we can just decided to "run away to the beach" for the weekend. Heaven on earth, baby!! Here are a couple links if you want to see where we're going: http://travel.webshots.com/album/560498239pSoabp and http://www.thecapeescape.com/. I'm not sure if we have Internet Access on the beach or not, but I will be taking tons of pics to share. This should give me some really great ARTistic Inspiration. I can't wait to walk the beach at dawn and add to my collection of shells, watch the sunset over the gulf and spend some quality time with my best friend. Have a great weekend everyone!! See you on Sunday!!