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Monday, August 18

Sharing a wonderful site and lady, Annette over at http://huckleberryarts.blogspot.com/. I ordered this grab bag special of digital collage sheets and let me tell you.....I was totally impressed. I may have to order more!! Anywho.....here's the dealy:

Okay here is the best Grab Bag offer!!Get an email full of collage sheets!! 10 sheets for $5!! And of course I will listen to anything you "Favor" to have. Just put in your paypal comments if you prefer something certain like my painted hang tags, vintage girls, embellishments, bottlecap sheets, business promotional sheets, etc or just state Surprise me! Have a beautiful day! and Grab you a grab bag! You can purchase more than 1, I have over 200 sheets available! Won't keep this offer up long! Annette

Here is a digital tag I created using Print Master. The clown and thank you tag images are from my digital collage sheets. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the wonderful images I received!! Enjoy!! Shelly


AngieHallHaviland said...

How Fun, Shelly.....GREAT tag!! I LOVE CLOWNS..what a cutie!

You can print these out like any other collage sheets right??

You know I love to cut and glue the ART I do. HEE HEE

Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh you did great and love the clown on the tag!!

Thanks so much for posting too!! I will leave the grab bag up for a atleast another day not to long, as it makes the sheets 50 cents each! My mis calculation makes a pretty great deal though lol

Thanks so much and Thank you for showing I love seeing what everyone creates with them It is so wonderful to see!!

Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

GREAT digital work Shelly....be careful....it too is so addictive...Your possibilities are absolutely endless!!! Though the digital creations mingle very well with hand creations!! You'll have a blast for sure!!!
Penny Duncan

MistiRose said...

I love your digital tag! In my struggle to learn PhotoShop without reading the directions (I spit on directions! Patooey!) I have found that I actually enjoy doing some digital collage. (This is where I should point out to people that PhotoShop has one heck of a learning curve if you refuse to read the directions... as in something akin to a year even for a girl with website design under her belt... but have no fear you can do it!)

Anywho I sidetrack... lol

You have got some great art up on your blog chickadee! Keep me posted on how the new camera goes... I'm trying to make the closeup lens on mine self repair... so far no luck. I'll keep you posted too. ;)