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Tuesday, August 12

ATC House Mingle Challenge Recipe

ATC House Book Recipe
  • Take one house shaped ATC sized template.

  • Trace it 8 times.

  • Make 4 pages from glittery, striped cardstock.

  • Add in some PID images. Stir.

  • Fold in some punched & layered flowers.

  • When dry, top with paper hats & crowns.

  • Sprinkle with Stardust Gel Pen.

  • Before serving, punch 3 tiny holes along spine.

  • Insert 3 large jump rings.

  • Frost with 15 pieces of coordinating fibers.

  • Enjoy and Share with your friends.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Awesome Shelly thanks so much for the link!!! Love the houses! Very bright and cheery for my yahoo naughty chair! All I need is the dunce cap and i'll be set!