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Monday, August 18

Earring Give-A-Way

My friend Diann (http://diannsartspot.blogspot.com/) is having a 3 day earring give-a-way on her blog. Check it out!! She makes lovely ART and gorgeous Jewelry!! Enjoy! Shelly

Earring Give-A-Way Starts Today!

For the next three days I'm having an Earring Give-A-Way right here in hopes to attract more interest in and traffic on my blog. I'm always interested in your thoughts and comments!
To win you only have to post a comment + email me after I have featured the Earrings of the Day! At some point each evening, I'll post a message saying the Give-A-Way is over for the day and that I will announce the winner shortly. I'll then put the names of each person that has emailed me and left a comment on my blog into a basket and pick a winner.

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