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Friday, June 19

Roodex Card Swap

I recently participated in a Rolodex swap in one of my Yahoo groups.I think out of 45 members 32 participated. It was a big project, but I am so glad I did it. What a fun way to have a little piece of all members plus useful information and a piece of ART all at your fingertips. I need to get an actual Rolodex thingie. I keep hoping to find one at Resale or a Yard sale.

Here are the fronts of my cards (minus the couple that had personal info also on the front). Aren't they great? I think my new Yahoo group will be making these as well. Now I shall have to come up with a new design......I don't think I'm ready to do more pink pirates!! Enjoy!!

Don't forget to click on the pics so you don't miss all the great details!! :)


Anonymous said...

Shelly, what a wonderful project! Tell me more about this new yahoo group. I would love to do a Rolodex swap!
Eileen in NYC

Diann said...

Shelly, it was indeed an awesome swap and I'm glad I was part of it too! Everyone did a great job and it's super nice to have information right at hand. BTW, I found a great deal on a discontinued Rolodex thingy at the WalMart...got it for half price and it is a super nice one! Diann

Autumn said...

This was so fun! So glad so many of us participated!
~ Autumn