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Thursday, June 11

ART Quiltie and Pity Party Fan

Over on one of my Yahoo Groups I was participating in an ART Quiltie mingle and a Pity Party Fan mingle. I have never made a quiltie before. The recipient has a passion for crows. I was at a loss until I chose the 2 main fabrics. It seemed to take off from there. :) I am very happy with the finished product.

On this same group, the moderator was hosting an ART retreat. Those of us unable to attend had ourselves a "Pity Party". We were to make either a pinwheel or a fan. Some chose to make an ARTsy version, some a humorous "pity" version. Well you know me.....I chose the pity version. I plundered through my big collage book of snippets and inspirations to come up with this. I used an old political fan that I collaged on top of. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

fun stuff, Shelly! I really love the crow quiltie thing. so fun!
great job with it!


Angie Hall Haviland said...

Now that's some FANTABULOUS ART!! You know I love the Quiltie!! FABULOUS colors and the FAN is sure FUN...love all the different elements and sayings!

Nancy said...

Love the bright colors of the quiltie and the crow.
I really enjoyed a good laugh with your pity party fan! That is just cool!

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