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Wednesday, June 17

It's strawberry time.....

....and here's a quickie tip for easily hulling all those luscious berries. Take a drinking straw (I find the fast food varieties to work best), push it into the bottom, pointed end of the berry and up through the green leafy cap until off it pops. Inside your straw will be the core. How easy peasy was that??? You can also twist off the leaves and insert your straw from the top down through the bottom. Then use the strawberries according to your recipes. No more wasted berries. The plus side is it is a great kid-friendly way to help clean strawberries.

If you are a visual learner....or just because it's fun.....here are some pics:
(Remember to click on the pics to see them larger). Enjoy!!

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Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Yum- Those strawberries look delicious! Thanks for the cool tip!!