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Thursday, June 25

I was very thrilled to be a participant in the Art House's Canvas Project 2. Here is some basic info:


After you sign up, we'll send you a package of five 3x3 inch canvases along with a list of 5 randomly selected, community generated words - one word for each canvas. Your mission is to visually create a definition for each word on its respected canvas. When you've completed the canvases, simply send them back to us in the mail. We will be holding an exhibition for them at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's Atrium Gallery in Atlanta, Ga as well as creating a book entitled "The Art House Encyclopedia VOL. 1". And at least one of your canvases is guaranteed to be included in both the exhibition and the book.
Exhibition July 31 - September 4, 2009Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Airport Atrium Gallery 6000 North Terminal Parkway Atlanta, GA 30320September 25, 2009Atlanta, GA Art House Gallery 309 Peters St Atlanta, GA 30313

The 5 words I rec'd to illustrate were:

  • mares
  • enough
  • steer
  • spew
  • brigade

Wow!! Now that was going to take some thinking!! :::Smiles::: I am happy to say my canvases are complete and ready for mailing tomorrow. I thought I'd share them here with all of you!!

My first thought was of an army of ant soldiers spelling out "brigade"
using a big bowl alphabet soup on a checkered tablecloth

All I could imagine for this word was this very illustration. Reminds me of Charlie Brown's teacher!!

I really didn't want to use a cow or a car.......then I found the nice "steer" charm!!

I know you were expecting a horse, right?? Well it turns out that mares are also craters on the Moon.

There is no greater place to be for me than walking by the sea......for me.....it is "enough"
Hope you enjoyed my interpretations!! Check out the ART House.....there are always more ways to participate. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Shelly....These are AMAZING!!!! I wish I could get brave enough to do one of these challenges you do!!! You did a fantastic job on them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your creative interpretations of these words. Wish I lived close enough to see the exhibit in person.
Let us know when the book comes out.

Ink and Paper Creations said...

Thanks for sharing these with us Shelly! Love what you did!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Ohhhhh Shelly they are WONDERFUL!! Love your interpretations!! Why YES I was thinking horse...and neat to learn that. HEE HEE

Nancy said...

Oh what fun these are! Congratulations.