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Tuesday, June 9

My ART studio

I was challenged by a new friend Susan to share pics of "where I create." So, here goes. My studio here in Georgia has wonderful light but is smaller than my old one back in Illinois. Mostly I miss my 9 1/2 foot ceilings and my upper cabinets. But I manage!! LOL The problem that I bet everyone can relate too....is more toys and supplies coming in that pieces of finished ART going out!!
Bottom of the beautiful shelf my hubs made for me!! :)
The GLITTER and SHINY drawer

One of the ribbon drawers

My cabinets

The big shelving unit and paper cabinet.....has 12 x 12 papers, all my beads, all the bigger tools, crochet thread, collage books......

Inside of the paper cabinet

The desk my Grandpa built that was in their house all my life. When they passed away it was given to me!! I LOVE creating there.

Some of my treasures including MY Teddy, my Maleficent drawing.....

Rolled papers

Inside of the closet......my stamps, punches and collage pieces


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

You have a tonnnnn of trim!!! And I thought I had a lot! lol I love your Teddy Bear too :)

Anonymous said...

fun tour, Shelly! thanks for showing us around. : )