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Wednesday, June 24

Glittery Microscope Slides

My friends Diann http://tiny.cc/Diann and Brenda http://tiny.cc/Brenda have wonderfully shared this technique with me. I have yet to try my hand at soldering but I have still wanted to make some altered microscope slides. I LOVE this method!! It is quick, fun and there is GLITTER involved!! I so love to play in the glitter!!
Here are Brenda's directions for making them: http://tiny.cc/slides
The 3 slides I made last night were completed using transparencies, microscope slides, 1/4 inch Terrifically Tacky Tape, fine ART glitters and micro beads. Too much fun. Thanks gals. :)


Diann said...

They look beautiful, Shelly - you did a great job! They are so fun!
I finally found some "right size" tape and now can't find any slides....but, like you, they are something I want to do again! Keep up the great work! Diann

Tammy D said...

Very cool ShellyRae.

trisha too said...

these are SO much fun!

i just love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Oh Shelly!!! They look GREAT!!!!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

They are BEAUTIFUL, Shelly!! I need to try some....I know how to solder...just hate pulling out the mess. :O)

Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Those are beautiful! They look like they are glowing :)