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Wednesday, March 11

Yes, I am still alive.....

.....just behind. I had to take a break before the parental units came for a visit and then still to get the house and studio back on track!! Whew!! What a crazy 2 weeks. We had such fun with the family, even though the weather wasn't cooperating as much as I had hoped. We spent time at the beach twice while they were here. Here a few highlights of the trip. I managed to check off 3 items from my "bucket list". 1) Find a starfish (and it is HUGE, nearly 10-12") 2) See stingrays swimming while at the beach. (ummmm.....be careful how you word those bucket list items.....I was about 15 yards off shore when suddenly there were 6 of them swimming around me.....totally cool. I wasn't worried at all.....but everyone else freaked out when I told them about it later) It was awesome. 3) I wanted to see manatees just out cruising around in the water. There is a power plant near Bradenton, FL that has a manatee viewing park. Too cool.....there were 30 of them just swimming around with some sharks and sting rays thrown in for fun. I was totally enthralled!! Plus we found quite a few sand dollars off Anna Maria Island, FL. We never seem to find them at the Cape. Here are some pics to enjoy!! :::smiles:::

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