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Sunday, March 15

This and That.....

....well today started out good and quickly went downhill only to rebound again!! LOL I was outside snapping some pics of the now blooming and just gorgeous Azaleas (in my footwear of choice, flip-flops). I feel something on my toe and glance down to see that I'm standing in a patch of poison ivy that has somehow sprung up in our yard near the azalea hedge!! Ack!! This has serious connotations for me, with compromised skin to begin with. So, I calmly walked in the house and began scrubbing my feet, shoes and then hands!! Somehow, so far, I have remained unscathed!! Hubby says that since it was a small contact and I immediately scrubbed the area I should be fine!! Here's hoping!!
So, I quit taking pics after that but did take a few to share. Our school district has built a HUGE new High School that will open in Fall 2009. They have put out a call for photos of our area to showcase the walls. I was hoping to submit some pics for consideration. These are from this morning:
White Azalea - my fave

Bright Pink Azalea

Pale Pink Azalea

Japanese Magnolia

My Camellia

and these are some I have taken sometime over the course of the 14 months I have now lived in South Georgia that I may submit. Any favorites?? Enjoy!!

Fallen Cone

Pine Cones

Hanging Moss

Hanging Moss

One of my very fave pics


Chrystal S said...

Awesome pics Shelly! I like the flowers, they are all so pretty. I also really like hanging moss #1. Great job!

Nancy said...

I like the Japanese Magnolia because the background is so faded out and the flower really pops and the red berries. You've inspired me to see what is in my yard.