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Friday, March 13

Shredding Scissors

So, I went to an Estate sale this morning. Nothing really caught my eye but I headed to the kitchen to check out the offerings there. I pick up a strange looking pair of scissors, labeled "Shredding Scissors." Interesting.....not exactly sure what they are for, but I "knew" I needed them. Hey they were only $2!! Yes, I know.....girl math strikes again!! Sorry honey.

So, I get home and open them up.....they are these nifty, multi-blade scissors. Yep......they cut 5 lines, side-by-side. So, what can I do with these?? Well, you COULD use them for their actual purpose of "shredding" up a document instead of firing up the big shredder. Or.....you can fringe the edge of a piece of paper or card......or you can make tons of tiny square confetti!! I'm sure I'll come up with more as I take time to play with them. Here are a couple of links so you can see them and what they can do:



I also bought a snowman candle warmer from Lang, a vintage locking jewelry box and 2 old mini muffin tins to ART on.


Barbara Hagerty said...

I want your scissors, Shelly Rae! LOL!

Chrystal S said...

Neat scissors! What a great idea! I know you'll come up with a very creative way to use them! :)

Autumn said...

Shelly Rae, consider shredding vintage book pages and using the shreds as fillers in future tussie mussies. Hugs,