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Wednesday, February 18

Mardi Gra Masks

I am currently involved in a Mardi Gras Mask Mingle in one of my ART groups. The first mask pictured is my creation that will be heading out to it's new home on Friday. This is something I had not really ever created before. It was fun.

I took a black pre-formed mask. It was outlines with vintage gold sequins and antique gold and antique silver ART glitters. I added an enormous amount of brightly colored poufy feathers to the mask. For the stick handle I spray painted a piece of dowel rod black. When it was dry, I tacked a piece of curling ribbon to the top and then twirled it down the stick, securing it again at the bottom. I then added another layer with "aluminum" spray paint. When dry, I removed the ribbon. It was further embellished with long strands of iridescent Christmas Tree icicles and 2 coordinating shades of curling ribbon.

I love how it turned out. This was definitely a unique mingle!!

This is the mask I rec'd from Diann. Thanks go out to her!! It is lovely!! It looks smashing sitting there on the piano, don't you think??

You can check out her art on her blog here: http://diannsartspot.blogspot.com/