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Tuesday, February 10

14 Days of Valentine's - Catching up - Days 6-10

Behind, behind......I'm behind. First we got busy with family visiting from Illinois on their way to Georgia. Then the cable went away.....far away. I was mortified. Amazing, really, just how much I missed it!! LOL I just sort of wandered around.......confused!! :)

Anywho.....here are the next 5 gifites I have rec'd......prepared to be blown away, truly!!

Day 6 is from Gwynn and it is the most amazing necklace......I was totally thrilled to have received it!! Thanks Gwynn!! She also used an Altoid tin for the container......the packaging was nearly as great as the gift!!

Day 7 is from Gloria!! Don't' you just LOVE her wrapping paper!! I surely do!! Inside was a great heart calendar with a mirror on the back. How fun!! Thanks!!

Day 8 brought this amazing collection of hearts on a string from Gail!! They are too cool. I cant' decided if I want to display them or wear them!! Maybe both.......so many different techniques. I adore the embossed copper!! Wow!!

Day number 9 brought this lovely calendar from my friend Diann!! It's gorgeous AND practical!! Thanks Diann. It shall be heading into my bag!!

The giftie for Day 10 arrived from Cris and it is a lovely smelling soap!! I have placed it in the studio!!

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