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Thursday, February 5

100th post caption contest results

Well, we rec'd a few great entries in out caption this photo contest. Here are the top picks:

"Think I need to put the cap back on that marker... I'm seein' double!"

OH Stick us in a box with that purse and send us to Ms. Angie in Texas!! We need an adventure!"

"Where else would we be? In 6 of our 9 lives we were both named Socks"

"Can we come out now??"

"Now we get to play too!"

"Shhhh, Mom!! We're hiding from Woody!!!"

"Now what cat-a-glory did you say file that under?"

and my personal fave and the winner of the 100th post purse give-a-way is my Uncle Keith!! Congrats!! Your prize will go out ASAP!! :::smiles:::

"Gosh Jinxy, a couple of gals like us can't go anywhere to get away from the Poperatzy."

1 comment:

Chrystal S said...

That is the perfect caption! I love it! :)