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Sunday, December 28

Goodbye Christmas....here comes 2009

We had a good Christmas. I've some pics to share. These are some of my faves.

This was my surprise present from John. I saw this gorgeous vintage basket in a local antique store. He kept saying things that he didn't like it, it was too expensive.....well, silly me....fell for it. He said he went back first thing the next day and got it. I love it. It's old, it's glitzy. I love the visual of the lady who spent all this time make it. I wonder where it sat in her home. It just has such a story....that's the kind of things I LOVE.

My wonderful new computer chair. The old one was so bad.....no cover, just foam!! I fell like a queen!! :::Smiles::: Bad thing is, it slides so well I nearly went through the patio door the other night!! LOL

You've seen my nutcracker collection here: http://shellyraewood.blogspot.com/2008/12/catching-up-whew.html . These are the 2 new additions for 2008. I picked out Indiana Jonescracker. He just cracked me up. To commemorative our first Christmas in the South, John found this adorable snowman beachy guy.....isn't it a riot?? I LOVE the sunglasses.

My big present from the guys. They bought me this amazing new flat screen monitor for my 'puter. It is 22 inches!! It is HUGE!! I LOVE it!!

I had a great day.....even far away from Friends and family!! Can't wait to see what 2009 will bring!!


Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS new GOODIES!!! Love the chair ... looks comfy!! and WOWZA you should be able to see everything on that monitor :)

Chrystal S said...

Wonderful new Goodies! I love the chair too! LOL! That basket has lots of character and your new nutcrackers and just fantastic!

Gayle said...

Cute beaded safety pin basket, and what a sweet hubby to go back and get it for you. I have two that I'd be willing to sell you for a good price if you're interested. Please email me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly..WONDERFUL presents!!! You will LOVE your monitor...I've also got a 22" wide screen and it's AMAZING crisp and clear!!! love love love it!!!!
Your hubby is a keeper for sure!!!
Penny Duncan