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Friday, December 19

Catching up!! Whew!!

Seems my guys decided to bring home some funky virus and since it's the season of giving....they decided to share!! Ugh!! Good thing I LOVE them a lot!! LOL Anywho, we are back. So what to share......maybe I'll share some of my Christmas decorations with you.

This is my first Christmas ever, away from home and family in all of my 45 years. We are making the best of it....at least the weather is heavenly. It has been near 80 all week and we are soaking it in. I did decide I should decorate the house even if my heart wasn't in it. We had to buy a new tree this year as my beloved 9 foot tree will not fit in this house, so that was sad. We did get a great deal on Black Friday though and bough this tree for only $25. :::Smiles:::

Two things I had to have were my snowman collection (well part of it anyway) seems strange in Georgia though and my nutcracker collection. DH has bought me at least one every year since we've been married. I treasure them. I'll share them here:


Ink and Paper Creations said...

Thanks for sharing what your collection. The tree looks really nice...except...it is so green outside the window:)!!! Missed you hugely at Hollie's house of hugs party!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I just wanted to let you know I've given you an award...Please check out my blog for details...Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
Penny Duncan