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Monday, December 1

12 Days of Christmas Swap #1

As mentioned and shared earlier, I am participating this year in two 12 Days of Christmas Swaps. I am rec'd all 12 gifties of the first one and today is Day #1!! Woo-Hoo!! Here is my basket of goodies, waiting under the tree. Doesn't it look enticing??

This swap is being hosted by the sister of a good friend of mine, Jeri Aaron. Here is her site: http://artfulgathering.typepad.com/an_artful_gathering/

So, Here goes Day #1 - It is from a very dear friend and uber talented mixed-media ARTist, Angie Hall Haviland from Texas. You can find her blog and links to her sites here: http://angiehallhaviland.typepad.com/angiesartfulllife/.
Here is her gift in the arms of my beloved Santa Raikes Bear.

Here is her gift opened!! It is a gorgeous bamboo tile necklace of my fave girl Jenna from http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/ all decked out for Christmas. I LOVE it Angie!! Thanks so much!! Isn't is gorgeous??
Angie taught me to make bamboo tiles (and now of course I'm addicted)!! That's what good friends do!! :::Smiles::: You can find a link to her bamboo tile tutorial on her blog as well. So, now I must wait until tomorrow for the next giftie!! What to do....what to do......


mama said...

Beautiful !

Mama from http://www.sirpriz.com from France

Make friends and exchange some gift !

Barbara Hagerty said...

This is just so much fun! I love seeing the pics on your blog almost as much as I loved opening my package!! XOXO