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Saturday, March 13

Yes, I am a Yo-Yo....

....well yo-yo maker that is. If you have never seen the wonderful yo-yo makers made by Clover you simply MUST check them out. They come in circles, hearts, flowers, butterflies, shamrocks and my new fave that I intend to add to my collection: an oval. They make creating yo-yo's easy peasy!!

Anywho.....I have found some new patterns to make. I found this one online that makes the cutest monkey ever? Is he not adorable? I bought this awesome purple fabric for him for an friend's upcoming baby.

The second one, ironically has a monkey but no where near as cute as my other one. But the lion and hippo and super cute, don't you think?? I especially LOVE the hippo.

The 3rd pattern is a very cool collection of brooch, belt, necklace, headband, scarf and bags. Pretty funky!! Oh, and by the way....WHEN did sewing patterns become $15.95?? Holy Cow Batman!! I nearly passed out!! Good thing one was on sale for $1.99 and I had a coupon for the other. I nearly needed oxygen....geesh!!

I have one other pattern on my wish list by Indygo Junction for these pincushions......just LOVE them. I think they might be great for Mother's Day gifts.

I LOVE making yo-yo's because it is portable and quick. It is very travel and "waiting" friendly.

On my bucket list is making a yo-yo quilt.....but hey.....that's not starting today.

That's my yo-yo story and I'm sticking to it!! :)


Elaine A said...

I have often thought of buying some of those yo yo makers by Clover. I have made many a yo yo by my own patterns over the years. One year I made convention pins with yo yo's, but I can see that these would make the job go so much faster.
My mother made a yo yo quilt when she was single. It is beautiful.
Have fun making the monkey.

brspeer said...

So you can make them into virtually anything? Interesting...

Connie said...

haha! the only yoyos i remembered were the AWFUL vests in 1980 family circle magazines...i have to tell ya, i really like that monkey and lion! and making them in ovals and other shapes really gives them a new personality. who knew?

Jeri Aaron said...

I am digging these yo you pin cushions - I haven't seen the yo yo maker but will look for it. I remember once about 25-30 years ago, I was going to make a yo yo quilt top too Shelly - I created a grocery bag packed full of yo yos - kept them for years and finally thew them away.