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Thursday, March 4

More from Charleston - Crazy Quilts Exhibit

I mentioned in my last post about Charleston that I visited a wonderful crazy quilt exhibit at the Charleston Museum. I thought others would enjoy seeing some of my pics from there. I just LOVE them....and hope to make one some day.....you know....in all that spare time I have squirreled away.....in my bottom drawer. Anywho....enjoy!!

This was by far my fave quilt on display

Here are many closeups......I find them amazing. I LOVE the spider webs!! :)

I found this cigarette silks quilt to be totally amazing. I was hoping to find some on Ebay, but no real luck so far. I think they would be so great to use in ART too!!

I hope you enjoyed "our" visit to the Crazy Quilt Exhibit!! :::Smiles:::


Michelle said...

I love this, I wish I could sew better, these are amazing!

Kate said...

Beautiful Quilts! The history involved in them alone is word 1,000 words!

I wanted to Congratulate you, you have been nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award!


Thanks for sharing all those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great pix, Shelly! I don't quilt (I don't even like to sew on buttons), but I have an appreciation for them, especially the crazy quilts, the non-symmetrical ones. I have more modern tastes, and these less traditional quilts are gorgeous to me. I thought the cigarette silk quilts were really cool too.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!

Jeri Aaron said...

Oh Shelly, these crazy quilts are out of this world - I know this was a wonderful addition to your Charleston trip and I'm glad you got to see them!