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Friday, March 12

GDA (Good Deal Alert)

I have been watching these combo packs at our local Walmart. I don't usually buy them if they are strictly scrapbook, but these has potential. :) They have been $15 for the longest time, but I was waiting for them to go on Clearance. Well, yesterday....woo-hoo.....they were $10 so I snagged myself one. Here's a before pic (yes, I had already opened it when I realized I forgot to take a pic so forgive the "not quite together" look, ok.) What was in this little box of wonders, you ask?? Well, let me enlighten you my friends....

50 12x12 sheets of cardstock
1 scrapbook album
1 scrapbooking page kit (gorgeous colors)
1 Designing with Vellum book
1 pack of page accents
2 packs of clear stamps
1 clear stamps ink pad
1 glue stick
1 pack brads
3 small packs embellishments
2 large packs embellishments
1 pack of 132 beachy die cuts
2 packs adhesive rhinestones
1 sampler pack cards, envies, tags and bookmarks
1 pack of stickers

So, just sharing and enabling......


Julie Ann said...

Wow!! Awesome find!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

that is an awesome deal . i wish my walmart had that here. Lucky girl. that is the greatest bargain I have seen yuet.

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, I guess I had better check out my local walmart!

Jennifer R.D. said...

OMG- I will have to go check this out!

Susan said...

Mine doesn't have these, wondering if you'd be willing to pick 1 or 2 up for me? I have a paypal acct. I bet they would both fit in the large priority box...I am gonna check with another walmart, but I figured I'd ask you just in case.
thanks, and thanks for pointing it out :)

Tamara Putvin said...

WOW what a find Shelly.. My Wally doesn't carry hardly anything anymore.. They have 4 4 ft sections with very little in each section.. Kind of depressing lol..Congrats on your great find..