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Monday, March 8

Been hooking....

....okay now, raise your hands....whose first thought was NOT about crocheting?? Naughty. LOL

Since joining a local knit & crochet group I have been having fun starting AND finishing several projects. Right now I have a thing for bags.....hoping to branch out to a garment soon.

Anywho.....I made myself this purse in my 2 fave colors, pink & black. I am very happy with the results!!

My Ripple Purse comes in both kit & crochet and is from Coats & Clark. I also have another of this pattern nearly finished in 2 shades of blue that will be up for sale.....thought it would go nice with a pair of jeans.

I was insanely thrilled when I found the "perfect" lining fabric for me. It is pink, piratey and has glitter.....now what more could a girl ask for, seriously??

My second bag is green, both for the environment and literally. I Adore this new Sugar & Cream Stripes yarn and hope they keep making more colors.

The market bag pattern was from Joanns. Since Michaels is good enough to have a Sugar and Cream yarn sale going on right now, I plan to stock up this week (4 for $5).

I will probably make another market bag since it is good for the earth, quick and fun to make and really.....I just think it looks cool!! Enjoy!!


Tammy D said...

They are awesome Shel.

Elaine A said...

Lovely bags! Everytime I see pirate fabric I think of you. :-)
I wish I could crochet and knit. I have tried several times, and I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

Tamara Putvin said...

Shelly, your new bags are beautiful. Love the fabric you found too.. So multi-talented in your art I wish I could do a quarter of what you can do.

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Nancy B said...

The bags look terrific! I too can't seem to get the hang of it. My sis is trying to teach me and when she's there I do alright and then forget how to do the stitches when she's not around. Can't wait to see your window boxes and chair.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

HEE HEE...I'll have you know my first thought was...OOOOOHHHHHH CROCHET!! :O) Silly!!! Love you new bags!!

Scrapping Mom said...

I really love your bags. They are fabulous.

Sandy said...

Oh MY!!! I love these bags...if you ever get tired of them you can send them to me ;o)

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