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Monday, April 27

Birthday Extravaganza

Birthday Extravaganza....AKA #1 (and only) son turns 21. :)

He decided on a stay at home party. So I decided to decorate with a tropical theme....thank goodness for Dollar Tree!! :::Smiles:::

John and I had fun transforming the dining room and living room.
Here are a few shots of our silliness and handiwork!!

My fave part is the lottery chandelier. I bought him 21 instant lottery tickets. I cut random lengths of crepe paper streamers, paper clipped them to the fixture and then clipped the tickets to the streamers. I think it made a wonderful decoration!!

The girls, Pookie, Smudgey and Jinx even sported some festive leis in honor of the occasion.

Fortunately we did NOT burn down the house with 21 candles!! Yikes!! How did my baby get to be 21 when I'm sure I'm not a day over 26??? :::sigh:::

Sunday, April 26

Gma's Mother's Day Necklace

Ta-Da!! I posted awhile back about this pendant I found in a re-sale store that had my Grandma's initials on it. I was terribly unsure what to do with it. I knew I didn't want just a gold chain but couldn't see colored beads either. Saturday, I was skulking around in my local bed shop and found a strand of beads that was my inspiration. It was antique gold, faceted, maybe 8 mm round beads. The light bulb went off. I could make a simple beaded strand, using 3 types of these vintage looking glass beads. I added golden pearls and amber bicones. It still has the "look" of chain, but with gorgeous, sparkly beads!! :::Smiles::: I am sooooo happy with how it turned out. I hope she likes it!! I added a magnetic clasp so it would be easy for her to put on and off. I think it measures around 22 inches.

Thursday, April 23

Rolodex Cards

I am in a wonderful ART group on Yahoo. We have decided to swap Rolodex cards for a fun way to keep our addresses handy!! Out of 40 some members, 31 are participating!! Woo Hoo!! Great turn out!!
So, I sat down, wondering what to make. I wanted them to represent me.....so that settled the colors immediately: Pink and Black.....no question. What else? Well glitter was an absolute, I wanted to use my new cuttlebug so I decided on flowers and since I am proud to be a pirate......I had to use that die too!! LOL So, here they are. There are 2 papers I used for the fonts and 2 for the backs. They are of course black and pink and sparkly. My other touch.....embellishment of choice, always, mini rick rack. 4 are done......27 more to go!! Guess you know what I'll be doing for awhile. Sure am glad for my Xyron sticker maker!! :)

Wednesday, April 15

Flora and Fauna

I was walking back in the house after getting the mail and was greeted by this guy. Isn't he absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the color. His wings were so shimmery. He stayed there all day and didn't care when I went in and out of the door!! :::Smiles:::

I found this amazing fungus growing on one of our trees. Andrew thinks it looks like an orange gone WILD. Nature is such a never ending source of wonder. I can't wait to see how this grows or changes.

Tuesday, April 14

more new jewelry....

....as promised. Here are 2 new bead crochet pieces I have made in the past few days. The first is 6 strands of bead crochet in luscious blues and greens on gold wire. It's very summery, the colors of the grass and the sky. After the strands are crocheted, they are grouped into pairs and then braided. It is a nice feeling piece to wear. It will be heading to Etsy sometime soon.

This is my fun and flirty recycled necklace. The "beads" are actually metal charms that were salvaged from a yard sale purse (I have 100's left). I crocheted them with matching seed beads and antique brass wire. The piece measures over 5 feet in length. It can be worn wrapped 3-4 times around your neck or many times around the wrist as a bracelet. I'm really happy with it.

Monday, April 13

New jewelry

I've been working on some new jewelry pieces for my Spring and Summer wardrobe. Since I'm heading home to visit family in May, I decided I needed some new pieces to wear. So, I've purchased a few new clothing items and am trying to coordinate with them.

I love to bead crochet, especially with wire. I have 4-5 projects pre-strung so when I have free time I can just grab a crochet hook and go. :::Smiles::: I worked up a gorgeous piece last night which may end up in my Esty shop when it is finished. http://www.shellyraewood.etsy.com/

The piece I'm sharing this morning I made for me. It is a Daisy Chain variation that I created. It is strung on white Nymo thread using silver lined seed beads, Vitral faced round crystals and copper round crystals. You cannot imagine the sparkle of the faceted beads. :::Smiles:::

I'll share more pieces as I get them finished. We spent the weekend working out in they yard!! Ugh!! I keep telling my hubby that beads are way more fun!! LOL Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 7

Easter Cards....

....realized that if I was sending any Easter Cards I should probably make them and get them in the mail today!! LOL I know I know. Seems now that we live here in the South, we just don't pay attention to the dates on the Calendar and the commercialization of the holidays. It's a good thing me thinks!! :::Smiles:::

I had made a bunch of eggs for an Easter Egg Garland mingle awhile back. (http://shellyraewood.blogspot.com/2009/03/now-for-some-art.html) I'm expecting the finished mingle to be here soon!! I also made 4 extra of the basic eggs at that time. I knew they would make the perfect fronts to quickie cards. Here is one of them......they are all similar. Inside verse says: Because he is risen, may you experience a hope-filled Easter and a joy-filled year.

Monday, April 6

New Jewelry - Ankle Bracelet

I have been working on some new pieces for summer. Currently, I'm making some things to wear on my trip back home for a visit to Illinois in May. This is an ankle bracelet (which I really like to wear) I made from Mother of Pearl brown flower shaped shell beads and some other seed beads and delicas. It is simple and flirty and fun!! I'm quite happy with it. :)

Also for your viewing pleasure is a salvage piece that I'm stumped about. I found this in a thrift shop and believe it or not it has my Grandma's initials engraved on it. I plan to give it to her for Mother's Day. Here's my dilemma.....I want to do "something" with it. I don't want it just as a plain pendant on a chain. I'm not really sure what to do. I really can't see just putting it on a beaded chain either. I've never done a beaded cab so I think that's out too. Anyone have any suggestions??

Friday, April 3

Charmed, I'm sure....part #2

Thought I would update the charms I shared yesterday that are heading to "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine for their charm swap. I came up with a nifty way to package them I think. I used various copper ATC blanks I had and cut them in half (making Moos). I stamped "ART" on them with Black Stazon ink using one of my very fave stamps from Ma Vinci's Reliquary. http://mavinci.net/ Robin has the absolute best stamps on the net, IMHO!! If you're looking for OOAK alphabets.....check out her wares!! You will not be disappointed. Here's a link to the Codex word "ART" stamp I used and WOW it's on sale too. http://mavinci.net/id16.html

Then I punched a hole using a 1/16" round punch followed by my Stampin' Up half round slit punch to make a flap. This allowed me to slip the jump ring through the hole and allow the charm to dangle on the Moo card. I then backed it with a piece of black cardstock. Voila!! Finished presentation, simple yet effective

I also included a shot of the fun envie I stamped to send them in. I have not really stamped much in a long time....it was refreshing. Anywho.....that's it from me today. I'm busy packaging up some other mingles I want to get into today's mail!! Later Taters!!

Thursday, April 2

Charmed, I'm Sure......

.....I decided I wanted to make some charms to participate in the Charm Swap over at "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine. http://quiltingarts.com/cpsmag/cpshome.html

Here is the info if you are interested:

"Love making charms? Join the Cloth Paper Scissors Charm Swap! It’s easy:

1) Create up to five original charms, 1½" in diameter or smaller.

2) Attach a jump ring to each one.

3) Send your charms, a SASE, and your entry fee, $5, to our offices no later than April 13, 2009.

We’ll swap your charms with some made by other artists and return them to you by June 1, 2009. You’ll receive the same number of charms you sent in."


I made mine using Scrabble Tiles, drilled with my dremel. The tiles are collaged with bits of vintage ephemera and gel medium transfers.

The images are from http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/. I embellished them with 24 gauge silver or copper wire and faceted crystal beads. They are edged with a copper leafing pen and finished with Krylon triple thick glaze. I think they turned out good for my first try at Scrabble Tile Charms. Thanks to my friend Angie for her constant inspiration and for still loving me when I ninjaed her idea!! :)