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Wednesday, April 1

Moos anyone....

I haven't made any Moos in months. It was refreshing. I struggle a bit with inchies, but I adore the shape of Moos. Just in case you're reading this thinking I'm wonky and wondering "What the heck are Moos"?

What are MOO MiniCards? http://www.moo.com/ To put it simply, MiniCards are little cards with your photos or designs on one side, and your details on the other. MOO like to think of them as little calling-cards; cards you hand out to keep in touch with friends, or new people you meet.

How big are they? For those of you with a ruler, the MiniCards are 28mm x 70mm. For those of you who left your pencil case at home, that's roughly half the size of a normal, boring old business card. (For those of using inches that's roughly 1 1/8" x 2 3/4".

One of my fave ART challenge blogs is here: http://makeamooortwo.wordpress.com/ Each week there is a different "Moo" theme. You create your ART, post in on your blog and then leave a comment over there with a link to your Moos. It's a great way to keep creating, share you ART and meet some other great ARTists!! :)

The current theme is "yesterday" so I'm adding my Moos to the mix!! All images are from http://www.paperimagerydesigns.com/. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Grogeous MOO's, love all.

Annes Art said...

Beautful moos!!

Anonymous said...

What a stunning collection of moos! Love all of them

Mel♥ said...

Moos are too cute so small yet so BIG of art!!