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Monday, April 6

New Jewelry - Ankle Bracelet

I have been working on some new pieces for summer. Currently, I'm making some things to wear on my trip back home for a visit to Illinois in May. This is an ankle bracelet (which I really like to wear) I made from Mother of Pearl brown flower shaped shell beads and some other seed beads and delicas. It is simple and flirty and fun!! I'm quite happy with it. :)

Also for your viewing pleasure is a salvage piece that I'm stumped about. I found this in a thrift shop and believe it or not it has my Grandma's initials engraved on it. I plan to give it to her for Mother's Day. Here's my dilemma.....I want to do "something" with it. I don't want it just as a plain pendant on a chain. I'm not really sure what to do. I really can't see just putting it on a beaded chain either. I've never done a beaded cab so I think that's out too. Anyone have any suggestions??

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly, a beaded cab is really easy to do...but another alternative to that and quicker...do some beaded netting around the piece. Just a thought...I love! "found" items...ankle bracelet is beautiful...