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Thursday, April 23

Rolodex Cards

I am in a wonderful ART group on Yahoo. We have decided to swap Rolodex cards for a fun way to keep our addresses handy!! Out of 40 some members, 31 are participating!! Woo Hoo!! Great turn out!!
So, I sat down, wondering what to make. I wanted them to represent me.....so that settled the colors immediately: Pink and Black.....no question. What else? Well glitter was an absolute, I wanted to use my new cuttlebug so I decided on flowers and since I am proud to be a pirate......I had to use that die too!! LOL So, here they are. There are 2 papers I used for the fonts and 2 for the backs. They are of course black and pink and sparkly. My other touch.....embellishment of choice, always, mini rick rack. 4 are done......27 more to go!! Guess you know what I'll be doing for awhile. Sure am glad for my Xyron sticker maker!! :)


Diann said...

My rolodex cards are done too! Yours are so you and I could have picked them out as yours! Great job and it is a fun ART group to be in. Shelly, I've enjoyed your yard/gardening and your shopping adventures too! Diann

Autumn said...

I love it! Can't wait to get mine! What an awesome idea!!!
Autumn Clark