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Wednesday, August 5

Repurposed and Recycled bowling ball to gazing ball using blue willow plates

Hubs has been asking for a blue gazing ball for the garden......He found this blue stand at a sale which is where this project began. Okie dokie......so what to use? I had just bought this bag of blue willow transfer ware oriental dishes at a yard sale. Sounds good to me. Have Rubber Mallet....can smash dishes!! LOL

Here are some step by steps and the finished product!! :)

safety glasses, tile nippers and adhesive

Rubber mallet and plate

Oh, so pretty whole

whole no more

half way there , holes were filled with caulk

half way there still, flip side

finished and grouted (sorry, hubs was sneaky and grouted when I didn't know)....so no pics of that step. We used white non-sanded grout.

close up

In the garden


Robin said...

You are a DIY queen! Absolutely brilliant idea Shelly!!

brspeer said...

DId the plate fit around the entirety of the ball, or just the part that shows?

Anonymous said...

omg, Shelly, you are so inspiring in so many ways!!! There is always something new and cool that you've made.

I LOVE the cuff I won in your blogaversary drawing. Many thanks.

Your friend,
Sharon from the library