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Tuesday, August 4

Our new High School

I wanted to share what has been going on in our lives. Hubs works as the head of the custodial department for our County School System. He has 10 buildings currently and this is the newest one coming online on Friday.

Thought you might like to see some pics of John's new High School that opens Friday. It is 394,000 sq. ft. under roof and will house 1600 students. It is amazing....102 flat screen tv's, 850 new Dell computers, 300 rooms, 1/4 mile from one end to the other and a price tag of $47 million dollars, sitting on 100 acres.

Make sure to click on the pics to see them better!! :)


brspeer said...

WOW! Are you sure this isn't a palace?

Anonymous said...

holy cow! that is one opulent "school." no budget cuts in that school! : )

Deep Roots in Tough Times said...

Amazing! Sure you didn't get the plans from Wash DC? Hate to see what it does to the taxes...or maybe it was one of those shovel ready stimulus projects??