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Monday, August 24

Repurpose Library Table into Desk

Yippeee....Hubs and I have collaborated on another project. He was given a library table from one of his schools that was destined for the trash!! :::Sigh::: I hate living in such a disposable society. Ugh!! One of the legs had been broken, but other than that it was fine. Since Hubs is a wonder in the wood shop, he fixed it right up!! :::Smiles:::
Here are the before pics.....pretty sad, right??

Originally we were going to paint it black but once we began working, we discovered it was this gorgeously grained oak. So, no painting allowed....poor Hubs would have stroked out!! :::Smiles::: I am not a dark stained wood lover, nor do I really like traditional oak colored wood. I have a passion for some red in my stains. So, I agreed to the stain as long as it was done in my very fave Minwax stain Gunstock 231. So, much sanding and staining by Hubs and 5 coats of Polyurethane Gloss by me and ta-da....new computer desk for our family.

Here are the after pics.....now she's gorgeous!!

Isn't that wood grain and stain beautiful??
And she was headed to the landfill!! :::sigh:::


Dawn said...

What a gorgeous table. You are right - we do live in a disposable society, but you and "hubs" are keeping your lives very green. I'm sure this table will be a part of your family for quite a while. Love the stain too!!!

Susan said...

OMG - it's gorgeous!! And to think that it was being trashed. You're a girl after my own heart.

Nancy B said...

It is a beauty! It looks like a craftsman style desk.

Judee said...

It's beautiful, Shelly. I love that gorgeous grain, and am so happy y'all decided to do it the way you did. You will really enjoy using that lovely desk.....
Hugs, Judee

Dorothy said...

Beautiful Table!!!
You guys did her good!

Anonymous said...

great job you two! you are amazing!!! : )

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS RESCUE!!! I applaude you and John once again!!! WOW absolutely GORGEOUS Piece!