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Wednesday, July 29

Some recent pics to share....

....thought I'd share some new pics here in our neck of the woods.
Wonder Boy bought himself this amazing new computer. It literally glows. It has a clear panel on the side and all these doo-dad that lights up. Trust me, my pics do NOT do it justice!! I had never seen anything like it!! LOL

We have two new house guests as well. One is a walking stick bug.

I have no idea what the big greenie guy is, but I named him Ralph!! :) Aren't they cool??

"They say it's a dog's life but I'm not buying it," says Jinx

"I said we's watching Animal Planet Mom and I's got the Remote"


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Omg- look at that computer!! Looks like you have a Serious Gamer on your hands!!! Lol :) I love blue, so I would love it if my computer glowed like that!

Such a cute picture of your cat!! Guess you know where to look for the remote when it goes a-missing.... :)

brspeer said...

That computer looks rad...can totally picture your sun getting that. Like your new bugs. I am trying house plants on for size currently, but they don't like to live :(

Anonymous said...

hi i am new to these blog sites but i just had to comment as your cat jinx has almost identical markings to my cat meeko. its really strange how alike they are. x