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Monday, July 20

4 x 4 ART pages Finished......

.....but it was definitely quite an endeavor!! Geesh!! Has anyone seen my brain....it has certainly left my body. Some days you just forget to stop and think things through....you know?? This was my first time making 4 x 4's. I knew I was to leave a left hand border of about 3/4" for binding. Yep, planned out the design, laid it out, left that nice border on the left hand margin on the front pages......flipped them over to do the back side ....and....well....I left the margin on the LEFT side again!! My darling hubby, looking at the FINISHED pages says: "Aren't you going to lose all these details when it's bound??" Argh!! "Well, yes, yes I am," I say while collapsing in a full swoon onto the sofa. Gee whiz Forest....stupid is as stupid does..... :::sigh:::

So, I redid my design, which actually works better in a weird "I didn't plan it out but now I like it" sort of way. I just have to remember to tell my hostess that what looks to be the front is really now the back. LOL

Anywho, here are the nitty gritty details. Theme: Under lock and key Quantity: 38

Of course I had to make something with pirates......they keep their treasures under lock and key! Well and sometimes their hearts....but let's just not go there shall we??
Please see my previous blog post if you want to know how I made the Cricut cut outs really "pop". Don't forget to click the pics so you can see all that sparkly treasure!! :)
I started with blue cardstocks. Side 1 was rubber stamped with a multi-blues ink pad and a large bubles background stamp. All shapes were cut from the "Life's a beach" Cricut cartridge. All pages were sealed with glossy Mod Podge.

Side 2 was water colored using my fave Peerless Watercolors. The treasure is made from Diamond glaze, tiny faceted jewels, gold rocaille beads and gold fine art glitter. The "treasure trail" is done with a black sharpie......I believe that Black Sharpies are to the ART world what Duct Tape is for the household.
So there you have it, my screwed up but now fixed 4 x 4 ART pages. :)


Angie Hall Haviland said...

Life is like a box of chocolates...I'd like the toffee with nuts please!!! ROFL!!! They turned out GREAT!! Good thing John is around :O)

Diann said...

You did a great job on your pages and they are as fun as can be! I'm glad you could work out the little "mistake" - love that you just got your Cricut and are so comfortable using it! Diann

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelly they look GREAT!!!! Alot of time what begins to be a mistake ends up so much better then we originally thought!! GREAT job!!!

Nancy said...

Great job on your 4x4s! You didn't have to redo them all did you? I hope it was just your first sample. Bless your heart!

Chrystal S said...

Great Job Shelly!