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Wednesday, July 1

All decked out for the 4th....

.....John found these gorgeous tea-dyed looking buntings at a yard sale last month. We think they look positively devine gracing the front porch. I would not have liked the bright red, white and blue ones with our house colors.

Since it's the patriotic time of year I thought I'd share some appropriate art that I have made. Featured are in Iris Fold flag, a reverse Iris Fold of my Gmpa in his Navy uniform from Pearl Harbor, an Abe Lincoln Paper cutting, and an Abe Lincoln Iris Fold. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Shelly, you always have something interesting to share.
You have been given a blog award!Please stop by my blog to see what it is.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Fabulous ART and I LOVE your porch!!

The iris fold flag card looks FABLOUS in my ART Room by the way :O)

Diann said...

Shelly, I love your porch and all of your holiday displays!!! The IF flag is gorgeous and I see that Angie was the lucky recipient...great job! Diann

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved seeing these pieces again that you've made a while back....You know.....the older Andrew gets the more he looks like your grandpa!!!!!