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Saturday, April 3

Introducing [ARTful] Salvage.....my new blog

Just wanted to introduce you to my newest blog: [ARTful] Salvage. She was born of my love for repurposing, creating and salvaging. Please stop by and check her out and say hi!! :) I have shared many of my newest pieces of glass Garden ART, we are calling "A Touch of Glass.' Tomorrow I will be sharing our experiences of our first Farmer's Market show!! Hope to see you there!! :::smiles::: This is my repurposed and salvaged sign. I took an old cabinet door, turned it on it's side and cut letters from black vinyl with the Cricut. The backing is an old, time-worn quilt and some vintage ivory buttons. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with how it turned out. I especially like that isn't perfect and that the glass is cracked!!  :)


Diann said...

Good luck on your new business adventure...in the background, I've been wishing you lots of luck!
Happy Easter, my friend! Diann

Ani said...

I love your glass towers, and totally understand your wanting to be at my Mom's sale, since I'm an artist working with recycled glass myself!

I'm hoping Mom gets more for the depression glass than I could pay and still make a profit. Once we go half-price, though...

We're in Oregon, so I won't look for you, but it would be fun to meet you and pick each other's brains, lol.

PS If you want to see what I do with glass, go to my blog and click on "China Blossom" or "Mega Blossom" tag link!