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Tuesday, April 27

Wonder Boy's 1-up Mushroom Birthday Cake

As promised, here is the Mario 1-up mushroom cake I made yesterday for Wonder Boy's 22nd Birthday. I went through many versions of just how to make this in my head. Finally I decided to bake one round and one square cake and carve them and put them together. After baking them I printed out a pic to use as a reference for decorating. And that my friends is when inspiration nearly knocked me over like a speeding train. This image was perfect.....nearly round. Don't you just love those aha moments?

So, I baked another round of cakes (1 round, 1 square). While they were cooling I traced said nearly round image into my SCAL, sized it to the exact size of my round cake pans and cut it out. It was perfect. I frosted the 2 rounds together and laid my cricut template on top and carved that puppy like a food network pro!!  :)  Next up was a crumb coat and refrigerating for a bit to firm up. I tinted most of my frosting green with Wilton food coloring paste and frosted the little guy. Meanwhile I melted some Wilton candy melts in my candy melts squeeze bottle and made white chocolate "spots" on waxed paper. I melted some chocolate chips in a small freezer bag in the micro, snipped off a corner and piped out some eyes (adding white chocolate dots). Off to the freezer for a bit of firming and ta-da.....instant mushroom decorations. I did discover that the now extremely rigid spots were too flat to "mold" to the shape of the cake so I nuked them little puppies for a few seconds and it worked like a charm.  I am so proud of this cake and the Birthday Boy was thrilled!!  Any questions, let me know??  Enjoy!!

I think this picture is definitely worth a thousand words.....maybe more. Happy Birthday Wonder Boy!!

Remember the Crepe Paper Birthday Surprise Ball.....it's a good place for kittens to hide.....notice the tail sticking out on the left??  Silly Jinxy girl.


Elaine A said...

Your mushroom cake came out great, and I love Jinxy in the papers. My cat loves to hide in just about anything, and if it's paper..well, he loves shredding it up.
Wonder Boy had a grand birthday celebration. Elaine

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome cake. Great job...

Diann said...

Great cake for Andrew's birthday! It is so hard to believe how fast he and Christopher have groun into men since we have known each other - they are still our babies!

Anonymous said...

wonderful cake, Shelly! : ) (yeah...I'm just now catching a moment this summer. LOL!)