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Thursday, January 7

Valentine Heart Hangie Danglie

LOVE is in the air.....every sight and every sound......
Valentine's Day is MY fave holiday. You will be seeing a whole LOT of LOVE around my blog for the next month!! :) Here is today's offering.
I signed up for a Valentine Hangie Danglie mingle awhile back. I didn't take step-by-step photos but I think you'll get the idea!! I used Andrew's Cheerios box for the hearts so it is a repurpose project as well.

I cut 2 hearts using a stencil. I cut out the patterned paper about an inch or so wider all around the heart shape. I just eyeballed it and cut it with scissors and glued each one down. I cut tiny "notches" from the outside edge of the Patterned paper to the edge of the cardboard heart. I ran a line of adhesive around the outer edge of the cardboard hearts and folded each little "tab" to the back. I added another line of adhesive around the edges and center of one heart and placed the sparkly lace trim, then glued the two hearts together.

The heart has tiny spots of Martha Stewart Pink Tourmaline glitter and highlights of my fave Sakuara Stardust gel pen on both sides. I punched a hole for the Danglie and glued the black ribbon hanger to the back.

The danglie is made from 8 scrapbook punch out letters, glittered, glued back to back, punched and connected with jump rings. They are attached to the heart with a beaded wire circle and finished off with a hanging red faceted crystal bead. This is headed to my friend Wanda so I hope she enjoys it!! :)


Carol's Crafts said...

Beautiful, Shelly. I love the way you spelled love as your danglie.

Julie Ann said...

LOVE your hangie danglie, Shelly!

Anonymous said...

Love this HD....very sweet!