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Friday, January 8

Button Fairies

Okay, these are seriously cool. I've just discovered button fairies. We are having a swap on one of my groups that I am hosting. They are totally fun and quick to make (that is unless you are VERY anal about picking out things like me.....then the button selection can be a monumental task). DH loses it with me in the frozen food section because if I am picking out a frozen meal.....well, let's just say it takes awhile. LOL

You can find some great tutorials here, here and here. These are my first two attempts. I am sure more will be forthcoming.

I had this graphic that was screaming "make me a button fairy please." I think the feathers were the perfect addition. Miss Pookie (#1 kitty) REALLY thought the feathers made the fairy into a yummy morsel for a between meal snack. The fairy is now safely stowed Away from inquiring paws.

This is my 2nd fairy.....of course I HAD to use Mona.....and she would feel so under-dressed without her crown. Anywho.....that's what I have been making. What are you waiting for?? Go grab some buttons, some wire and an image or two and get cracking. :)


Diann said...

Your button fairies are FANTASTIC! These have been a lot of fun to create and yours rank right at the top...great job!

Autumn said...

Pretty Shelly!
Autumn Clark

Tamara Putvin said...

WOW Shelly, these are fantastic!

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Mrs Moen said...

These are so cute; I have tons of buttons, maybe it's time for me to put them to use. Thanks for the link!

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